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Schneider electric solutions grasp new sales opportunities

The social usability and energy efficiency has a higher request, security consider increasingly, process and security system has entered the digital stage, at the same time, all kinds of standard and standard also increasingly strict. Put an end to power outages and reducing the risk of the importance of the unquestionable.

No matter the customer is engaged in which industry, medical, manufacturing, transportation, public utility equipment and other fields, their core demand and UPS data center customer very much the same.

Therefore, you for the data center provides solutions and services,glue gun and can completely in other industries to create sales opportunities. The customer put forward to the right problem, review its existing power protection plan, this to find a customer needs well.

For example, they need to understand the power equipment whether meet all regulatory standards and regulations, as well as whether various places has full of refrigeration measure to ensure the normal operation of key business equipment.

In the evaluation of the potential client after, you may find that their equipment to lack some parts, or still have room for improvement.

The schneider electric solutions, customers can improve in regulations or standards of compliance with the appropriate UPS and refrigeration facilities to ensure maximum availability,glue stick or meet other aspects of the various requirements:

UPS-350-1.6 mw current-voltage

After the authentication for emergency lighting of UPS

Safety refrigeration solutions

Frame type or vertical distribution unit

Transfer switch

Safety and environmental monitoring devices

Surge protection and power control device

Management software

In addition, you can also provide energy audit and other assessment services in reducing power outage to explore and reduce risk (especially with power of the associated risk) more sales opportunities. Then through the other services, such as equipment installation and maintenance plan, circulation project and remote monitoring, etc, access to additional income and improve profits.

Excellent solutions, a universally

Maybe you put forward to the customer is the most important issue: whether they can measure the productivity of accident is caused because of electric power of the loss of the economic value. This kind of price, almost without exception, far beyond the initiative to deal with potential power outage the costs. Recommending snyder efficient, high adaptability single-phase and three-phase power protection solutions, to ensure that its business operation get around or shine, and in various application environment is hard to beat provide the high availability.

The following provides some questions can help you make up this deficiency, and aimed the new sales opportunities.

What are the key business application is important?

Provide backup power supply for these are key application and system?

Your UPS already use how long?

The power distribution is involved in generator?

Whether there is the need for additional refrigeration area?

Have the right energy efficiency control and monitoring measures?

In a power failure events, you need to run time how long?

Whether to need to protect assign staff of the implementation of the monitoring equipment?

What are the regulations or provisions needs to follow?


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