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Quality power tools by focusing on the wide application of human body engineering

As China's power tools of exports increased, and domestic and abroad customers to pay more attention to the quality of power tools, each inspection agencies, foreign trade company also strengthening of the electric tool inspection, and formulate the corresponding inspection standard and inspection method. Generally speaking, electric tool inspection in addition to foreign trade company or foreign make about signs nameplate,, manuals, some special requirements and the outer packing check order confirmation number outside the actual data, security and performance can be roughly divided into two parts.

General safety in domestic and foreign most regional sales power tools, through authentication and acquisition, and product authentication certificate. The above the authentication USES mostly is the fifth kind of the authentication model, that is, the type testing first factory audit certification, the prison after strange. However,glue gun in the product certification for product testing, is by the electric tools manufacturers of operations.

In large volume production, keeping the operations and testing is consistent, is one of the important contents of inspection. Consistency check general is divided into two parts, that is the key components and raw materials and key process examination. The hand of the inspectors should be a check product inspection reports. General in the inspection report to be measured products are the key components and raw materials model, manufacturers, technical parameters and the authentication status were described in detail.

Inspectors in conduct site inspection, should spell check these key components and raw material inspection and certification when whether consistent. If you don't agree, shall require manufacturers to provide change the effective certificate. When in doubt, inspectors may require manufacturers do some necessary test to confirm project. glue stickIf the key to making process change, also should such treatment. In addition, the inspectors can do some regular products at the scene of the insulation performance of the test, such as leakage current, voltage, resistance and electrical clearance and creepage distance insulation wear the distance and so on.

Need to point out is, a metal shell class in the machine tool voltage resistance test, because use the kinds of insulating structure of the rotor, may in the stator core occurs between the gas gap in the flash collaterals phenomenon, recommended a "Fang appendix recommended methods, will withstand voltage value adjustment, setting current adjust for for.

Performance say from broad sense, the performance of check is different from security character, it is not formed a specific and complete inspection standard, method and the request, is generally signed in accordance with the contract of sale, supply and marketing agreed test method and project inspection.

Involves tools of practical, durability, and so on, according to the current routine practice, can is divided into the following several aspects. The appearance of the power tools appearance inspection is in no electricity situation, generally includes the following content metal shell surface coating should be no defect, even bright and clean and shell plastic parts, can not have bubbles, crack, obvious paste spot and cold-lap, fasteners should be complete and effective.

Soft cable or soft wire and plug should be in good condition, specifications and the supply contract should be described in the agreement. Electric power tools with lane concubine inspection methods that shallow, firm. Switch movements should be normal, flexible, and in good condition. Electrical protection device and mechanical protection device shall be in good condition.

Tools should be flexible rotational part barrier-free. The clamping work pieces of holding mechanism should be stable and reliable. Human body engineering is human body engineering research "the person-machine-environment" system middleman, machine, environment of the relationship between the three major elements, to solve the system of human performance, health problems and provide theory and method of science. Is discussed, and the effect of the work, people labor efficiency regularity, and discovery of human body work ability and its limit, so that people are engaged in to adapt to the trend of human anatomy, physiology, psychology of the various features.

Specific to the product up, also is in the product design and manufacturing has complete according to the human body physiology anatomy tailored function, more be beneficial to human body health of body and mind. Human body engineering applied to electric tool design, and its implications for human body with measured, statistics, analysis for basic research methods, the human body structure function, psychology, mechanics, etc and electric tools use the harmonious relationship between the reasonable, suitable for people with physical and mental activities of the request, to obtain the best using effectiveness.

The goal should be safe, health, efficiency and comfortable. Now due to human body engineering and bionics in the utilization of electric tools, electric tools appearance design has become the tools of the most important part of the design. Electric tools in the human body engineering inspection, in the tool to finalize the design and are already determined.

General foreign in shipment inspection, entrust to have the qualification inspection agency to one tool for human body engineering comprehensive evaluation, it involves relaxed value, face, heavy load operation, and the pressure distribution, fatigue, optical illusion, and so on. Export to a local products and comply with the human body and the size difference in the distribution of the law.

With the improvement of people's living standard and the "people-oriented" concept of deep heart, the principle of human body engineering tools, furniture, already in cars, computers, interior decoration Xiao industries have been widely used.

The study of human body engineering design power tool is abroad since the s the new trend of new product development. Vigorously developing the human body engineering technology research,glue stick and used in electric tool design, which has the domestic power tools design personnel are highly valued.

For example in the tool handle hold the outside surface of the set of rubber parts sand, the shape of the auxiliary handle similar man's hand, the operator holds feel more comfortable, can reduce long-term handheld electric tools for the cause of fatigue. Sound and vibration resting the harm of the noise is well known, it affects sleep and rest, to disturb the conversation, or interfere with the hearing damage, and even cause cardiovascular system, nervous system, the digestive system, and other aspects of the disease. Noise pollution has much attention, control noise pollution has become a top priority.

The European Union directive with outdoor equipment including electric tools and garden tools of noise pollution has made laws. In the directive, the method of dish of noise and part of electric tools and garden tools such as handheld gasoline engine drive filling machine, hand-held cut the chain saw, pruning shears, high pressure cleaner, the gasoline engine or motor drive, tree branches, the grinder, lawn mower engine or motor driver concrete crusher and picks the basic tools such as noise emission measurement tools, placed, working conditions and load condition and so on are made specific provision.

If the conditions, may refer to a directive, method and requirements of testing. In no condition, can use a few simple method for testing, so to form a correct judgment. Experienced inspectors can through the tools in the load and without load operation of the state, the identification of tools are a crash, electromagnetic noise gear not normal noise.

Electric tool when use produced by the vibration, will be transmitted to the operator's hand and wrist, and then spread to the shoulder, make the person cause discomfort, influence the work efficiency. What is more, if often use strong vibration tools, can affect human body of the blood vessels and nerves, bones, joints, JinRou and related organizations, which causes the vibration damage.

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