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A taste of Nanjing Smart Grid: Laifeng Street One

    The iphone is in your hands to your portable assistant, your home's 3G TV seems to have left behind ... This is a smart carnival times, the real world and digital world is gradually converged, all kinds of imagined future life is a real show! Well, you heard of the smart grid it? You know how the smart grid will create the magic of it?

    Smart grid,glue gun this is a fairly new concept, before No. Laifeng Street, Nanjing never enjoy! As Nanjing's first pilot smart grid cell, the current associated hardware are under construction, in order to carry out the power of laying fiber to the home and access, has covered the entire area, after the completion of fiber to the home district will achieve power, distribution automation, electrical car fast charger, remote meter reading, intelligent home, etc.

    A line will be able to supply / internet / phone

    Countries are urged full "triple play", that is to achieve communication network, broadband network and wide network triple play. Traditional area, telephone with telephone lines, cable networks, cable TV with cable TV lines. The smart grid equipment to fiber optic cable which sucked all the electricity use of links,glue stick such as electricity, Internet, phone calls, watch cable TV ... ... will share a line can be described as one step will save a lot of resources.

    You can remote control electrical

    Each household will be installed on the smart interactive terminal family, the household consumption of information collection, the higher the load in the entire district, electricity peak, the intelligent terminal will inform the information through the network or mobile users, in the case of user acceptance high energy-consuming appliances water heater off, or adjust air-conditioning, refrigerator temperature; the same time, the power company through the distribution automation system for real-time monitoring of network operation, automatically after fault detection and isolation.

    Utilities automatic meter reading

    Smart Grid intelligent terminals will also each household water meters, electricity meters, gas meter data collection, monitoring and measurement, and the data transmitted through the network water companies, power companies, gas companies, and then pay over the phone or network fees, everything even in the field trip can be easy to get.

    Power generation can sell their own

    One in Laifeng Street, every household will be installed on the roof are solar photovoltaic cells, to maximize the use of renewable resources, to give two-way meter on every home improvement, residents use up power can be stored in either a specific storage facility, you can not finish his own home to sell electric power companies by two-way meter. As the state of domestic solar units, wind power generation implementation of incentive pricing, residents will also get a lot of income; In addition, the district's parking lot will be building electric car charging pile, which the popularity of electric vehicles in terms of can be considered a small step. No car, when residents of electric vehicles can also be bought in the trough when the electricity grid at peak time and then sell, make the difference.

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