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Google to pursue wind power plants in California owned $ 102 million

         According to Taiwan media reports, Google and Citigroup announced Wednesday, the two sides will jointly invest in the construction of the previous wind power plants in California an additional $ 204 million fund, to be completed will become the nation's largest wind farm.

     Google and Citigroup announced in May, their $ 55 million investment in the development of wind energy in the center of Alta California. The two sides again on Wednesday announced an additional $ 102 million,glue gun respectively, of funds. By the ArcLight Capital Partners and Global Infrastructure Partners, jointly established by the Terra-Gen Power Company will be responsible for the implementation of this wind power project.

     The two companies are in the form of investment in finance leases based on the wind long program, jointly bought by Google and the United States to build the case, then rented to Terra-Gen Power Company for operational management. Ge Leisi said that such wind power plan for direct investment in securities generally have a 10% rate of return, and return on investment in finance leases are 15% down.

     Bloomberg's New Energy Finance analyst at research institutions in North America wind Gelei Si, said the investment for Google and Citigroup master "is better than the U.S. Treasury," the long-term revenue, glue stick because after the completion of this wind power plant in the production capacity up to 1550 one million watts, is better than the other two in Oregon and Texas power plants, to become the nation's largest wind farm.

     Ge Leisi interview with Bloomberg News, said wind power plant is not only the prospect of a stable investment option, and the return on investment is very high. She believes that, Google and Citigroup already have capital, and now only need to implement it

     Alta case of wind power plants will be built in phases. After completion of the first five stages, power plants will have 720 one million watts capacity, total production capacity would add another before the end of 300 million watts. Google and Citigroup announced in May, the investment is to support the fourth phase of construction, and additional funds will be invested on Wednesday 5th stage.

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