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U.S. electrical low-voltage electrical industry pioneer hot market challenges

      Low-voltage electrical industry after 50 years of development, has now established a relatively complete industrial system, extensive use of its products, market potential is huge. Industry statistics show that about 1,000 domestic low-voltage glue stick electrical products series, total output value of more than 500 billion yuan, with a large-scale manufacturing enterprises more than 2000, can be described as increasingly intense competition.

     Electrician in the U.S. market and consumer demand full investigation of the case, in one fell swoop launched a total of 147 low-voltage electrical X1 series of products, and listed in heavy recently.

    U.S. electrician X1 series includes a small low-voltage electrical circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breaker mini,glue gun DPN circuit breaker, DPN leakage circuit breakers, isolating switches and other products category. With a beautiful light, excellent performance, reliable, high capacity segment, rapid release, flame-resistant housing and components of high impact, long life. Mainly used in AC 50HZ or 60HZ, 230V/400V circuit overload, short circuit protection, also can not normally frequent on-off electrical equipment and lighting circuit. For home life and other similar places of loop security.

     Currently, the domestic low-grade low-voltage electrical basically occupied the vast majority of domestic market, the demand for high-grade low-voltage electrical rely mainly on imports. The electrical industry in the United States absorb advanced technology, but will focus on independent R & D and technological innovation to the industry, high line, the introduction of the X1 series will impact on the domestic market, industry competition start another heat wave.

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