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Dongguan 50 years into 144 substations covering 32 Towns

     August 1, 1960, is a milestone in the history of electricity in Dongguan. Because on this day, Dongguan first substation - 35 kV substation put into operation in Dongguan, Dongguan, breaking away from the small thermal power, and use the Pearl River network power.

    Over the past half a century, Dongguan, power grid construction and development has undergone enormous changes. As of August 9, 2011, glue gun Dongguan's substation in the run up 144. Today, the newspaper launched the "power angle, Dongguan City thing - transforming chapter" with the reader into the first substation in Dongguan, digging the story behind it.

    Explore the first substation in Dongguan

    Dongguan has becomthe first substation "training base"

    The morning of July 7, Dongguan has 110 kV substations (110 kV Octopus substation now) when the two Attendant Li Zhaopei take a minibus to the Octopus Guancheng Daiwuzhuang substation.

    This 110 kV substation, the predecessor of Octopus is the first substation in Dongguan - 35 kV substation in Dongguan, in the city glue stick can now South Park on August 1, 1960 formally put into operation in 1975, moved to Guancheng wear Village house of 110 kV step-up substation in Dongguan. In 1991, the third generation of GIS equipment put into operation substation 110 kV transformation of Dongguan, closed-end substation. In 1999, the 35 kV substation changed its name to Dongguan Guancheng 110 kV substation, 2004, 110 kV substation Guancheng now renamed Octopus 110 kV substation. Dongguan substation from 35 kV, 110 kV to 110 kV substation Guancheng Octopus substation from 35 kV to 110 kV step-up from 5 back to back 10 to 36 kV 10 kV outlet outlet, from the open type device to use GIS equipment ... ... Dongguan substation experienced a first step, once moved, changed its name twice, five times capacity increase.

    Reporters saw the devices in the substation 110 kV substation in Dongguan to save the old equipment is still very intact, transformers, following the security equipment is still in situ. Dongguan Power Supply Bureau, according to Director of Substation two Chan Chi-chiu, told this reporter here has been as Dongguan Power Supply Bureau, a skills training base. To supply all new employees must be trained in these classes.

    24-hour "care" tune camera

    Li Zhaopei said, because when the power substation is mainly in the Dongguan city, including the then county seat, so the power quality requirements are relatively high, but at the time his power supply voltage is not stable and the quality is not high. 1976, 110 kV substation in Dongguan camera introduces a tune, a tune was the only one with the camera's substation. Although some of the substations have been eliminated in this device, but stressed the role of the camera at the time can not be underestimated. It can stabilize the voltage, reduce power and improve the quality of power supply role. To this end, the construction of a dedicated substation not only its cooling tower, also arrange to 24 hours a day monitoring its operation.

    According to Li Zhaopei introduced by the camera to stop and start all transfer takes a long time, so basically 24 hours, the substation also requires 24-hour shifts guarding him. "Many other substations do not have 24 hours a day, a relatively small number of personnel on duty." In 1985, a total of 35 10 kV substations in Dongguan, webmaster, squad leader, deputy team leader on duty to participate in two classes, a class to connect to four days .

    Li Zhaopei said, on duty every 1 hour swap camera copy a table, mainly to monitor its operation is normal. In addition to monitoring this tune camera, the attendant had for all substation equipment, including the main transformer, into the outlet and the outlet to monitor the load, etc., that failure to timely reporting and treatment.

    Their stories

    Four hours to ride a bike to work

    Octopus in the 110 kV substation Prior to his tenure Li Zhaopei 1982 bridge began in 110 kV substation, and subsequently removed a nearly Li Zhaopei substations, work up to 22 years, until 2004 the Institute was transferred to test chemical test class so far. "The key is early last century, 90 years, Dongguan substation development into a rapid development stage, each block into operation substation needs to have experienced staff to train new employees, he was transferred because of multi-skilled so substations training new employees. "Li Zhaopei colleagues in the side of the supplement.

    To cope with the pace of urban development, substation construction plan ahead of the general urban planning to build in undeveloped areas. 110 kV substation in bridge work, due to inconvenient transportation, Li Zhaopei to work four hours to ride bicycles. The load reported by every night to Dongguan scheduling, call a telephone adapter will have to go through 2-3 times. When the substation is there is no canteen attendant turns cooking meals, grocery shopping often to 45 miles away.

    "If you go to the bridge repair most troublesome, and sometimes rushed to the river ferry had to knock off one night live in the river the next day to the past." Traffic inconvenience but also to overhaul squad leader was a substation and a former 220 Yuan Tao kV substation owners of Chen Itabashi star frustrating. "Traffic developed, the road is not good to go, and sometimes take the shuttle bus, sometimes riding a bicycle, had to back overhaul facilities, a small fault had arrived on the scene a few days to fix." Now, personnel, equipment, repair personnel not only can be rushed to the scene, but also remote operation can be quickly ruled out.

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