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Nuclear security plan or the subsequent completion of the introduction of nuclear power safety

    Recently, from the China Nuclear Energy Association, was informed by several ministries of the national nuclear security inspection team was completed on August 5 in the construction of in-service inspection of nuclear power plant safety. National Energy Qian Zhimin, Deputy Secretary said, in May this year, Energy Bureau has completed all construction of nuclearglue stick power plant safety inspections.

     Experts believe that with all the relevant departments of the domestic nuclear power plant safety checks completed, the introduction of nuclear power safety planning will also be approaching the time.

     It is understood that the state carry out inspections of civilian nuclear facilities to comprehensive inspection team from the Department of Environmental Protection, the State Energy Bureau, China Seismological Bureau and a number glue gun of nuclear experts in the field of a coalition of academicians. From April 15 to August 5, the inspection team has the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station and Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station Phase II, Qinshan one hundred twenty-three, TNPP and Fangjiashan other nuclear power projects under construction has been built a comprehensive security check.

     According to the relevant parties, issued by the IAEA inspection team with reference to the latest safety standards, to take to listen to reports, the question the respondent, and in-depth access to documents produced on-site investigation, etc., of the nuclear power plant seismic capacity of flood control, prevention and mitigation of severe accidents, environmental effectiveness of monitoring and emergency response systems and other areas of the comprehensive examination.

     Participate in the examination of Chinese Academy of Engineering members of the Group Zhen Ye Qi told reporters, nearly four months by the inspection, the inspection team found no Chinese stabling nuclear security problems.

     The spirit of the State Council, the nuclear security plan is not put before the authorities will not approve new nuclear power plant project. Analysts believe that with all of China's nuclear power plant safety checks complete, the introduction of nuclear power safety planning will also be approaching the time.

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