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Electric vehicles environmentally friendly pain: business owners nationwide to find out the battery

   Yu Guan Road in Tianjin, an electric street car sales, home in front of the store filled with all kinds of electric car, the clerk told us that this year the price of electric cars has gone up twice, first because the earth up bring the motors price prices,glue gun each price increase of electric cars around 50 yuan, and the second battery plant shutdown caused by battery price. Many stores say sales staff, then go up so that their business would not be able to do.

    Tianjin store salesperson told reporters, generally this year, up 300 yuan or so, up 300 yuan per vehicle. Sales influential? That yes, the impact is not small. CEOs are not, go to the field to find the battery.

    Tianjin Jinghai County, located in the Emma electric depot, staff told reporters, general manager and responsible for the supply of their sales executives are not in, they have all the battery factory to the field to organize the supply of batteries. Reporters saw the huge warehouse, only a few sparse cells piled heap, with the side of the mountains of electric cars in sharp contrast. Warehouse manager, said here the conventional battery ownership is 50000 group, but now only 2,000 groups.glue stick At present, when they are shipped to dealers, only 10% of the battery rationing. The remaining 90% of the difference can only think of a solution by the dealers themselves.

    Anhui Electric car dealer told reporters, saying this is not what the brand to sell cars, but rather who has the battery, who will be able to car dealers, is selling the battery, is such a situation.

    Shandong Electric car dealer told reporters, is now a production company to grab the limited battery battery factory, but then how to rob, he is also in short supply, differ greatly from the manufacturers, the other, now that the factory began to market is sales market, try to steal from second-tier market, that is aftermarket. Reversed.

    Although manufacturers are all mobilized to buy batteries, but because the upstream capacity can be restored when the battery factory, who can not see the schedule this way, the battery of the vehicle on the market have less and less, while the electric car price trend intensified.

    Tianjin Bicycle Electric Vehicle Industry Association Gong Xiaoyan told reporters, in the second half, I guess, if this (the battery) pressed for the situation continues to develop, I think will be price increases.

    Shenzhen Lead-acid battery electric car is not busy season

    Reporters in a company warehouse to see the battery reserves, huge warehouses, with a small number of batteries, the staff told reporters, are now ahead of play money to the manufacturers, but also wait a while to get the battery, On the other hand, dealers are not afraid of the battery, came early to the factory, the battery one to immediately towed away.

    Dongguan City, the bell Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Liu Hong told reporters today on the arrival of all the 400 groups to run out at night, and today the gap has about 200 groups and 300 groups, we only loop it up tomorrow, then come. Usually does not happen, thousands of long-term inventory of batteries, always put the customer at any time, customers now have to wait, and no more batteries, made a car with a battery. Is basically zero inventory.

    On the one hand is the lead-acid battery shortages, soaring prices, the other is the production company because there is no battery installed leading to accumulation of the vehicle, a manufacturer of electric bicycles in Shenzhen enterprises encounter this problem, company official told reporters that the current foreign customers because of the battery supply is not already canceled orders for two pens of 6,000 units, domestic customers are also demanding a car to be sold together with a battery, this should lead to the dual pressures of the time they enter the season but a serious backlog.

    Shenzhen Fu Tengda Vehicle Co., Ltd. General Manager Chen Muqing told reporters that a large inventory, backlog is large, six-seven thousand sets of vehicle backlog, we are usually saved 2,000, but now because of this battery issue, seven or eight thousand units.

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