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Suntech "donation door": Charity asked to donate time to complete

     A charity event, now turned into Suntech with the Copyright Society of China war of words between the Board of Education. Since 2008,glue stick four consecutive Suntech Contest sponsored by the Copyright Society of China, organized by the copyright society under the Education Development Education Research Centre (hereinafter referred to as: the education of education) the specific implementation. This year, glue gun Suntech suddenly "to" no longer responsible for the implementation of education for the education, trying to fully responsible for their own activities and activities of the donation. Currently, this Contest has ended, Suntech contributions of 15 million school facilities not in place, but received a donation from the Charity invoice.

     Now,glue stick the Copyright Law Association Education Committee Secretary-General to prepare to return to China where the charity invoice that Suntech "false donations, real tax", and Suntech believes that the donation in previous years, China did not implement any Law, or even their own pockets, this is their son in Beijing company's own operational reasons. Currently, both sides argued.

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