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New energy crisis and China's economic machine

    Several energy giants that the "five-second" period of China's new energy development will usher in blowout

    Russia's largest energy group ArtemVolynetss En + Group CEO Forum in Davos, there is little time to rest. Not participate in the forum to discuss energy issues, is visiting customers in China.

    "En + Group's future development, but one hundred percent dependent on China." ArtemVolynetss with a smile, with a little exaggeration, this languageglue stick shows Russia's largest hydroelectric company for the future of the Chinese market expectations and determination.

    Forum in Davos to determine the "quality growth" this topic, non-fossil energy use is destined to become the most talked about during the forum discussion area.

    Davos Forum President Klaus Schwab said he believes the future economic development should not only focus on quantity, but rather should focus on quality. Should strive to ensure that our behavior on the environment and social development is sustainable, that is the world's countries should make greater use of environmental technology, social development should be more inclusive. "We want you to know, and only pay more attention to quality of economic growth, economic growth is sustainable." And clean energy and new energy use and development of the subject is clearly advocated by the Forum has a natural consistency.

    "This is not just water,glue gun clean energy, including solar, wind, nuclear, etc. During the forum discussion on this a lot." Trina Solar CEO who said high-century, everyone in this area of ??development and market opportunities have shown great interest.

    Nuclear energy controversy again

    The three-day forum, set up two special energy forum, namely the "new energy infrastructure in emerging markets" and "Fukushima nuclear crisis to energy security." But in fact, apart from these two forums, a number of other topics are also frequently mentioned in the forum of new energy development and utilization.

    Fukushima in Japan after a nuclear crisis on the development of nuclear power has become a common topic of concern. Forum in Davos, to discuss the future for nuclear power fell into the start controversy. The face of the challenges facing the development of nuclear power, the parties involved have different considerations.

    Occur directly as a nuclear crisis, the Japanese nuclear power development in the very awkward position. "Japan would like to use new energy sources to replace traditional energy sources and nuclear energy, but requires a lot of time and technology." And that he worried about, if not to solve energy supply problems, there may be a growing number of Japanese companies "escape" from Japan .

    Japanese Senior Vice Minister Ministry of Environment ShoichiKondo Davos Forum in Dalian, said, "3.11" earthquake on Japan's environmental policy is very large, Japan is looking at nuclear energy development policy, will no longer over-reliance on nuclear power, will be considered next year Do I need to use a new nuclear energy policy in favor of promoting decentralized energy development. But he acknowledged that "there are many problems to be solved the middle."

    Relative to Japan's hesitation. United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and other countries was more like a warm embrace nuclear power. "We need to diversify energy sources must be renewable and nuclear energy, and Fukushima nuclear accident will not affect the UAE's energy policy." UAE Energy Minister Hami Li said. He believes that by absorbing the lessons of Japan, to more secure facilities and more stringent supervision to ensure the safety of nuclear power development.

    Pursuit of China's energy market

    And the uncertainty of trends in the development of nuclear power compared to solar, wind and other new applications and other topics of energy, views of the parties to be more consistent.

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