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Shandong YangGu electric wire and cable in special campaigns activities

For the purpose of further regulating the yanggu county electric wire electric cable enterprise production and management behavior, maintain the order of the market economy,glue stick to crack down on fake products behavior, not long ago, shandong yanggu county pledges inspect bureau in the county in the range cable manufacturing enterprise special regulation activities.


Inspections focus on examination and comprehensive mainly by the way of the combination of the spot check, check key raw material and manufacturing enterprise key in the process of quality control is in place, glue gunthe quality guarantee system and management system is perfect, whether to use unqualified raw materials, the enterprise in the production process whether there are cutting corners and other illegal behavior, and the enterprise production place, production equipment, test equipment for compliance with regulations such as production license requirements, etc. Check the results show that the county cable manufacturing enterprise all can meet the production license and compulsory product certification requirements, unknown production enterprise have violate compasses operation, jerry illegal activities such as.


Through this regulation activities,glue gun not only has urged the certification, production enterprise maintain production qualified products ability, also standardizes the wire and cable of the production of the enterprise behavior and industry production order, to improve the county electric wire and cable products quality overall level is an important guarantee to provide.

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