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Our country electric tools products in the international market main advantage

Our country electric tool exports have accounted for the world power tools of sales 70 to 80%, has become one of the main electric tools manufacturing countries and products exporter. At present our country in the international market is the upper hand:

The product adopts the international scale, according to international scale organization produce

At present our country established by 120 of a scale,glue gun and the international community and cohesion, coordination of our country electric tool scale system, constitute the all kinds of electric tools products export of the technical supporting system; Implement the international scale and foreign improve predecessors scale strategy, all kinds of electric tools product safety and emc adopts international scale. With international scale and foreign improve predecessors scale raw materials, components, accessories organization of purchasing, through the introduction of technology, with modern manufacturing technology processing produce, strengthen the on-line detection and perfect quality management system, make products to the international scale level and get market acceptance.

Adopt international scale of electric tools product structure adjustment, formed the Ⅱ kind of electric tools as the main body, design and manufacture a has the contemporary international level of more than 200 varieties, more than 400 specifications of the handheld, will move a type, battery type electric tools products, expand the application field of electric tools, both DIY (do it yourself) kind of electric tool, and a professional electric tools, formed a strong market adaptability.

Have independent, adapt to the market service enterprise of authentication, maintenance, and consulting institutions

Form the independent, adapt to the market and the service enterprise's certification bodies, maintenance organizations, consultation and training institutions, and other entities, in global economic integration to market access in the third party intermediary technical services. To measure and test achievements of scientific research of Shanghai electric appliance supported by the test are was one of the first international recognition in the CB laboratory, and a number of world famous lab establish bilateral, multilateral data exchange relationship, and electric tools product certification is fair and impartial, have power giant third party intermediary technical services.

The product price is low, capture the international electric tool product of the low end of the market

Our country electric tool product has low capital,glue stick and the labor force of the price is low, so that the product price is relatively low, just for the same products abroad about a third of the price in the international market have strong competitiveness. In recent years, through using international scale and abroad to improve predecessors scale power tools manufacturing a technological transformation, and use the information in the modern manufacturing technology formed electric tool product of the produce of the economies of scale ability, the power switch, commutator, interference had components, connectors, not heavy connect power and drill chuck, cutting tools, cutting tools, electric tools hub parts, accessories are formed professional produce, makes our electric tool product basic occupy the international electric tool product of the low end of the market.


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