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The analysis of the composition of the ink

The inks are made of pigments, binders, solvents and additives
    ⑴ pigment: the hiding power is not strong, leveling performance is poor, a film after printing for the light to see the spots. LAMINATING multiplexed (especially aluminum) have obvious spot, this phenomenon is caused due to the hiding glue stick power of the pigment.
    (2) binders: As the binder is used to connect the film and ink. Connecting material with poor adhesive force to cause the ink and adventitia adhesive is not strong, the composite, ink is completely transferred to the endometrium, this phenomenon may also glue gun be due to a corona treatment of the adventitia bad caused.
    ⑶ solvent: the ideal solvent should have good drying, if the residual solvent is too much; cause odor and the surface quality problems of the composite membrane.
    ⑷ aids: Some additives will affect the composite; example abherent is mainly composed of heavy oil and white kerosene; newcomer to prevent the after Nien role; able to quickly penetrate into the surface of the ink in the printing. The laminating adhesive bonding role due to abherent Antiviscosity is a pair of contradictory. So the number of anti-blocking agent is very important.
    We think we should elaborate on this problem;
    After the composite; ink adhesion good, the ink adhesion was not very good; ripening after the ink adhesive absolutely no problem, and no ink has almost no adhesive. The reason there are two.
    The first is because the anti-adhesive excessive, printed later penetrated into the surface of the ink, composite roll; good permeability due to the ink, the rapid penetration to around crowded given laminating adhesive, with increasing time, antiblocking distributed in the ink four weeks glue little place, so that there is no ink, adhesive force reduction.
    The second reason is due to the aid of the film. The film additives such as plasticizers, lubricants, antioxidants. These additives too much, will also affect the adhesive force of the composite. Some laminating plant to see this situation, are generally considered to be the glue, encountered a similar situation should be carefully observed and carefully analyze the reasons, find the crux of the problem lies.

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