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Glass crumb should pay attention to in the course of

Glass crumb is a one-component elastic de-acid-type room temperature vulcanizing silicone sealants, silicone rubber as the main raw material, by adding reinforcing agents, crosslinking agents, antioxidants, accelerators, plasticizers, etc., advanced to glue stick process synthetic type of one-component room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) seal powder, good resistance to atmospheric aging. Can be used for glass, ceramics and aluminum alloy the oleaginous glue gun general building materials such as wood, brick, tile, sealed, can be used to waterproof, but can not be used for structural glass assembly.
    We should note that in the process of using glass crumb:
    1: one-component silicone sealant can be used immediately to easily glue gun shot from a plastic bottle, available spatula or wood trim its surface.
    2 stick time: silicone rubber powder curing process is the development of surface inward, the different characteristics of the silica gel surface drying time and curing time are not the same (refer to Title IV of the technical parameters detailed description of the curing time content), so to be patched on the surface must be dry before the plastic glass sheet (Acet, neutral and transparent gel should generally be within 5-10 minutes, the neutral mottled glue generally should be within 30 minutes). If separations paper to cover a particular place, the glue must be removed before skin formation.
    3, the curing time: glass crumb curing time is increased as the adhesive thickness increases, example, 12mm thickness acidic glass glue, it may take 3-4 days to coagulation, but within about 24 hours, more than 3 mm outer layer has been cured. The bonding glass, metal or most of the wood, at room temperature for 72 hours after having a peel strength of 20 lbs / inch. If you use glass, plastic part or all closed, then curing time by sealed tight decide. Where absolutely airtight, it is possible to always maintain no cure. A higher temperature will soften plastic glass. Metal and the metal bonding surface of the gap should not be more than 25mm. Bonding in a variety of occasions, including a closed case, after bonding equipment before use, should be a comprehensive inspection of the bonding effect.
    Acid glass powder in the curing process, due to the evaporation of acetic acid will produce a flavor, this flavor will disappear during the curing process, after curing without any odor.
    4, bonding: A. metal and plastic surfaces, wipe off, remove the oil, then in addition to the plastic surface first rinsed with acetone, the surface of the rubber powder application sandpaper, then wipe with acetone. Compliance using the solvent considerations when using acetone. B. glass glue evenly coated on the surface ready, if two surface bonding away side to go first position with enough force to squeeze the other side in order to squeeze the air out, but be careful Do not extruded plastic glass. C. The bonding apparatus is placed in a room temperature curing of the glue when the glass powder.
    Seal: silicone sealant is used to seal the occasion, also in accordance with the above steps, hard to squeeze into the glass glue joints or cracks in the glass, plastic powder full contact with the surface.
    6 Clean: glass, plastic uncured available cloth or paper towel wipe after curing shall be provided with a scraper to scrape or solvents such as xylene, acetone scrub.
    Note: acidic glass cement during the curing process, the release of irritating gases and irritating effect on the eyes and respiratory tract. Alcohol-type neutral glue, the methanol is released during the curing process. Potential carcinogenic hazards of methanol, and is a known skin and respiratory allergies, volatile gas to make the eyes, nose, and throat irritation. It should use this product in a well-ventilated environment, to avoid entering the eyes or prolonged contact with skin (use, eating, smoking should wash their hands before), shall ingestion of this product. Keep out of the reach of children; construction site should be well ventilated; such as accidentally splashed into the eyes, application rinse, and immediately seek medical attention. The completely cured glass, plastic no danger.
    8, a general guide: Before use, carefully read the correct construction methods and uses of glass, plastic, please pay attention to the instructions on the safe use and related health hazards.
 9, the storage and retention period: glass, plastic should be stored in a cool, dry place, 30 ℃. Good quality the acidic glass rubber powder can ensure effective shelf life of 12 months or more, generally acidic glass cement can be stored for more than six months; the neutral weather and structural adhesive can ensure the shelf life of more than nine months. If the bottle has been opened, in the short term are finished using if they were not fully utilized; glass crumb rubber, rubber powder bottles must be sealed and used again, should spin under the lip, remove all blockages or replace Pingzui.

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