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Digital TV: LCD display industry, the rise of a strong

    TFT-LCD flat panel display is still the mainstream of future technology.

    According to Display search predicted that the global FPD industry output in 2015 will reach 148 billion U.S. dollars,glue stick shipping area will account for 98% of all display devices, including TFT-LCD panel production value will reach 133.7 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 91% of the FPD industry. Currently, the world is the expansion or the preparation of the flat panel display production line is mainly concentrated in the high-generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED production line, its production line depreciation period were more than 10 years, but OLED production line compared to the scale is rather small, glue gun which determines the next 10 in TFT-LCD flat panel display is still dominated by 2020 will remain the mainstream of TFT-LCD display technology.

    TFT-LCD materials with high profitability of the upstream high value-added features.

    TFT-LCD industry has a well-known theory is called the smiling curve. Smile curve ends up, in the industrial chain, reflected in high value-added part of the ends, that is, material supply and sales, gross margin up to 50%. Manufacturing value added in the middle part of the minimum, industrial cyclical fluctuations. Therefore, TFT-LCD industry chain profitability, the glass substrate, LCD, backlight and other upstream materials companies with significant high-margin value-added features.

    Upper materials are highly critical technology and market monopoly.

    As the high technology threshold, strong profitability, a key upstream materials basic grasp of technology and market in the hands of the few companies, such as the Corning glass substrate by the United States of Japan Asahi Glass, Electric Glass and other monopolies, the LCD is Merck and Chisso Japan monopoly Polaroid market is Nitto Denko, LG Chemical and Sumitomo Chemical monopoly. China's LCD industry as a high degree of monopoly paid a high price.

    Domestic enterprises to benefit from the upstream material, the liquid crystal display industry's rapid rise.

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