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Looking diversity management Eaton second, more brilliant century

    Cuiqu years experience in diversified power management Eaton Looking more brilliant the second century.

    1911, founded in Cleveland Eaton (Eaton) companies, this year year marks the 100th anniversary! To celebrate our success together overcome the global financial tsunami, significant sales growth in 2010, and in recognition of outstanding dealers on behalf of the company's Electrical Group North Asia Distributor Conference in 2011 moved to Taipei,glue stick from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, the two hundred representatives of Eaton outstanding dealers gathered at the January 17-18 at Taipei Grand Hotel, Eaton to develop together for the second 100 years, more brilliant ideas; Eaton also announced a strengthening of investment in China, and this year will notice a number of UPS uninterruptible power system introduced new products.

    Eaton Electrical Group North Asia president Luo Shiguang (LouRosen) revealed that the long-term maintenance of a hundred years old Eaton's market-leading and highly competitive position of the secret lies in research and development,glue gun always grasp the trend of new technology, is committed to the pursuit of energy saving and high efficiency and provide customers with targeted solutions. Luo Shiguang stressed Eaton products to provide customers with up to Qicheng is being customized solutions, our customers throughout the communications industry, finance, IT industry, government and manufacturing.

    Eaton in the November 2008 acquisition of Taiwan's leading UPS UPS flies Switzerland, the best promotion in mainland China Eaton and Hills (Santak) two brands, two-brand strategy to gain market a high degree of recognition. Luo Shiguang, said Eaton's merger with Pfizer and the Hills brand, Eaton's product line more complete power from 500VA to 1,100 KVA of small high-power UPS systems readily available. Luo Shiguang said: "We in North Asia in 2010 than the year before the turnover, four as a full grown, and China mainland area remains about 20% sales growth, maintaining market share first place "

    2010 Eaton actively involved in the most popular solar inverter (PVinverter) market, mass production and manufacturing in Taiwan, inverter, sales increased significantly, in 2010, soaring 500% sharp. Eaton Group, the Asian market is the fastest growing areas of the world, in order to highlight the importance of the Greater China region, investment in production plants in Shenzhen Eaton Eaton 9390,9395 series UPS, and will reach full power in this segment production. Eaton also Hsichih plant in Taiwan invested more than 100 million, in April 9395 the local production of large-scale UPS systems Eaton.

    To energy efficiency up to 95% the market has certainly Eaton, this year will continue to develop more power, less heat, smaller UPS system to meet the high cost of land in today's customer demand data centers . Luo Shiguang said Eaton this year will launch 45 new products, mostly small and medium used for the supply of single-phase products.

    About Eaton.

    Eaton Corporation is a diversified power management company with 2009 sales of 11.9 billion. In 2011, the company has set up 100 years. Eaton is a global technology leader in power quality, distribution and control systems; industrial and mobile equipment hydraulic power required for construction machinery components, systems and services; commercial and military aerospace needed fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic systems; and that trucks and cars for performance, fuel economy and safety of power and transmission system. Eaton has approximately 70,000 employees and sells products in more than 150 countries and regions. For further information, please visit

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