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China's industrial energy market in 2010 reached 70 billion yuan

    According to "five-second" planning requirements, combined with the central corporate energy consumption and pollutant emission levels, the consul-general and the central business energy saving goal is to "Twelve Five", the yuan output value of overall energy consumption at comparable prices decline 16%.

    Green and sustainable development objectives and national policy support is making all kinds of capital and energy markets become heavily involved in the business arena.

    China'sglue gun industrial energy market in 2010 reached 70 billion, consists mainly of the product cost of equipment, implementation of the project costs, consulting and design costs. The next three years the market will maintain 20% growth rate.

    2010 China's industrial energy users in the market about 74% self-funded project, the user can solve the financial difficulties of the EMC model accounts for only about 25 percent. This is because users of the EMC model Shangqie not very familiar with (in gongkong of about 700 industrial users in the survey, about 40% of users said that EMC and another heard about 40% of users had heard of but do not know The specific content), only the implementation of the project, but also because the user is not yet mature "contract" significant blow to the spirit of implementing this business model. The other hand,glue stick the Chinese EMCo technology and financial strength are not unrelated, these two factors is whether or not the user implement energy conservation projects and energy service providers choose the most concerned about two factors.

    2010 iron and steel, building materials, electricity, chemicals, nonferrous metals industry, high energy-consuming industrial energy market among the top five, accounting for about 63% of the overall market share.

    In 2010, China's industrial energy market, product / equipment costs, costs of project implementation, consulting / audit fees, respectively, the proportion was 57.1%, 34.3% and 8.6%. Product / equipment costs, the size of electrical equipment of 110 billion yuan, accounting for the overall market products / equipment costs 28%; in electrical equipment, drives occupy a very important position, the overall share of the electrical equipment 40 percent, followed by instrumentation products, accounting for 21% of the proportion of electrical equipment.

    Gongkong industrial users through the survey found that: in the implementation of energy-saving projects, the operational level, users are most concerned about is whether the existing production system without affecting the equipment operation and implementation of the case; on the type of energy, the user concern, most want to implement the power saving.

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