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« New energy crisis and China's economic machineDesulphurization of steel prices, lack of motivation have been called to follow the thermal power subsidy »

Germany and Japan's controversial new energy direction and timetable for Mercedes-Benz Toyota

  "IAA is the automotive industry's 'crystal ball', where you can discern the present and future vehicles."

    September 13, the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) the official opening of the German Automotive Industry Association  Mann said surface, not without emotion,glue gun because two years ago of the last Frankfurt Motor Show, the automotive industry when the financial crisis trough.

    The Frankfurt Motor Show as an opportunity to send the German Automobile Industry Association predicted that the automotive industry is currently in the process of return to normal in 2011 will be a car, the global passenger car market, sales will reach 65 million, the 2020 figure will reach 90 million.

    Electric vehicles are still hot, IAA for the first time the hall opened up the electric car, electric car designed to display the whole value chain, almost all car manufacturers regard the newly developed electric car the most important position on the stand. So that the audience is like being in the world's largest electric show.

    Uniquely, glue stick September 13, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche pure electric cars to try to break the "myth", inventors on behalf of Mercedes-Benz car company attitude, pointing out that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is the car's development, and clear that the 2014 Mercedes-Benz production in fuel cell vehicles.

    In this regard, the Volkswagen Group in the current proposed different views on the Frankfurt auto show, fuel cell technology to reduce the cost of the recent do not see the hope, probably after 2020, in order to re-do a market assessment to determine.

    At the same time, Toyota hybrid cars still stand by those who, in order to expand the globalization of production of hybrid, Toyota began to gradually shift to hybrid global value chain. "Four years, Toyota will be in China, Southeast Asia, the United States and other markets for hybrid localization of auto parts production." 13, the Toyota executive vice president of research and development TakeshiUchiyamada in Frankfurt said.

    Barrier-free fuel cell car production?

    "Our initial idea is that in China such as Beijing, Shanghai and other cities to build a network of some preliminary hydrogenation, the future is more important and feasible initiatives."

    Ten years ago, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles was considered to be the future of new energy vehicles, the ultimate solution, but because of the cost in fuel cells, infrastructure, security and other issues, has not made substantial progress, on the contrary, pure electric cars become a new favorite, is widely considered the future direction of car development, but clearly at this show Mercedes-Benz hydrogen fuel cell is the real solution.

    Mercedes-Benz seems very slow charging, and hydrogen quickly, and refueling time is about; electric short mileage, mileage and fuel cell vehicles and diesel vehicles can match. In addition, only for small electric vehicles, heavy trucks for the purposes of such a large commercial vehicles, pure electric is not possible, because the battery pack itself may have more than 5 tons, and fuel cells, but can be widely applied to any vehicle.

    "To achieve the goal of global temperature, human traffic behavior is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions 95%, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is the only option." Zetsche said.

    Mercedes-Benz fuel cell vehicles on the planning is not empty talk, the Frankfurt Motor Show Mercedes-Benz B-Class fuel cell will be put into mass production in 2014. "We will implement a two-stage goal of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The first stage is to upgrade to 2014, we are able to mass production; second stage is to achieve real volume production in 2017 and we hope the Chinese government's support, China's vast territory, to be zero-emission battery-only is not possible, because some long-haul traffic on batteries alone can not support, and fuel cells can only be paired with, this is the only way.

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