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Wall hanging stone curtain wall structure stability and aesthetics

Wall Hanging granite stone curtain panel curtain wall from natural granite plate. Panel stone under construction overall effect of stone products require the use of the right color, texture and thickness, easy coordination with glass and other decorative exterior glue stick wall overall effect is beautiful, uniform color and durable, and is now increasingly being used to senior hotels, restaurants, commercial office buildings, office buildings, external wall decoration works.
A wall hanging stone curtain wall structure stability
    Hanging stone curtain wall strength, related to the thickness of stone the size glue gun of the length and width dimensions hanging in the fixed side by one. Requirements in accordance with the technical specifications of metal and stone curtain (JGJl33-2001): stone for stone curtain wall thickness of not less than 25mm, the stones area should not be greater than 1.5m2 pendant commonly used stainless steel pendant. Angle iron fittings, stainless steel pendant, bolts, welding rods, structural adhesive should have material proof, factory certification and inspection reports.
    Hanging in the primary and secondary structural stability of the framework (columns and beams) should meet the design requirements. Taking into account the convenience of the construction, the column should be arranged with stone vertical seam arranged match; beams should be arranged the horizontal seam layout of the same stone match. Column structure connected: Meshech embedded iron column with embedded iron welding by shorting (10 channel), column construction taking into account the influence of temperature stress on every wall structure, each six meters off. open, the middle set a gap of 15 mm. Note break in to stagger the junction of the crossbar. The connection of the beams and columns should take into account the influence of temperature stress, connected by diagonal codes, bolts and column connections. Columns and beams and structural surface according to the size of the keel, ease of construction generally retain 30 50mm spacing, so that is conducive to the installation of the column beams, but also conducive to the elimination of error Construction (structural surface, columns and beams), engineering stud channel steel, beams, angle iron should be sized to meet the design requirements.
    Q235 low carbon steel welded connections with the main seismic requirements, its chemical composition, mechanical properties, including yield point "GB700 88" should be consistent with national standards, and all the rest of the pendant are made of stainless steel (stainless steel 0Cr18Ni9) processing made press "GB4237 - 92 standard detection stainless steel chemical composition and strength limit, elongation and other physical properties, pendants have bearing shear deflection testing. E4303 carbon steel electrode welding rod, welding rod "GB5117-85" should be consistent with national standards.
    Two, the aesthetic appearance of the exterior hanging stone curtain wall
    Separate compartments and moldings (color)
To deeply understand the intent of the original architectural design, including stone colors, lines, forms, owners requirements and the structure must be things such as modeling, awning, with the style of the entire building, considered together, divided gingham set also Consider the convenience of the construction.
    The quality of stone and soil quality, but also affects the appearance of dry hanging stone curtain wall
    First stone manufacturers should seriously examine, determine stone manufacturers and stone varieties. Processing varieties and thickness and performance are required, the complete design of the cutting and stone processing vendors. To find a size and slotted site of accurate processing production to try to factory, construction site tools, venues, staff technical expertise to affect the on-site processing, so to minimize on-site processing workload. This requires that the second design to be perfect, detailed. Corner, column shape, sealing to a large drawing, show that the relationship between such stone cutting chart to accurately and clearly.
    Slate as far as possible the same veins of stone processing prior to installation to pick and number in order to ensure that the stone texture and the right direction, requires natural transition, no color. Stone quality requirements are as follows:
    a. a typically the stone sub polished and singeing two, polished plate texture should be clear, bright surface, uniform singeing board, the board no cracks, no missing edge off angle, cutting should adopt the sand sawing.
    b Flagstone should be consistent with the People's Republic of China building materials industry standard in natural granite building panels "(JC205-92) standard in superior product requirements.
    c. radioactive meet the A grade natural stone products Radiological Protection Control Standards "(JC518-93) standard.
    d processing requirements include milling, chamfering, grooving, waterproof antifouling, polishing process.
    e requirements stone supply units should be elaborated in the processing, transportation and other technical measures to ensure the quality of the stone.
    The stone the selection should be consistent with the provisions of the following national standards:
    "Of natural granite Huangliao" JC204 "natural granite building block" the JC205 natural decorative stone test methods, drying, water saturation, compression strength after freeze-thaw cycle test method "GB9966.1 natural decorative stone test methods , bending strength test method, volume, density, true density and true porosity, water absorption test methods)) GB9966.3 "natural decorative stone test methods, abrasion resistance test methods" 6,139,966.5 "natural facing stone test methods Acid Test "GB9966.6 color symmetry, a project to use the same lode stone processing in accordance with the installation location map, a site selection of the same blocks, the same crystal orientation, in order to ensure that the color difference after installation. Playing polished surface gloss should not be less than 75 gloss units. After installation is accurate stone rain does not cause stains, the requirement the finished stone before installation to go through the waterproof antifouling surface treatment.
    Third, stone curtain performance and construction requirements
    The stone curtain design should also be considered to meet the use of the building features include: sound insulation, waterproofing, sealing, insulation and other properties should also be considered. If the the hanging stone base surface for brick or reinforced concrete walls, sound insulation to meet the needs of the building itself, and do not need to be dealt with separately; waterproof design addition to the patchwork of 4mm silicone weather sealant, in the curtain wall The catchy stone sealing the curtain shut most prone to leakage problem, as far as possible structural waterproofing. Should ensure that the construction of the stone curtain wall sealed to prevent the rancid smell of corpses after the entry of small animals. Moreover, you should consider fire protection, lightning protection requirements.
    Fourth, the wall hanging stone curtain wall construction technology
    Decorative stone wall hanging method is the use of high strength and corrosion-resistant metal pendant, decorative stone by the prop, hanging, pin, bolt method fixed outside the building surface. Reasonable pendant design and construction process is to ensure that the key to a safe and beautiful stone exterior. CLADDING construction prefabricated assembly replaces the traditional wet construction, its superiority is mainly reflected in:
    avoid surface contamination, discoloration "anti-alkali, slate maintain color gloss.
    b. avoid wet work, and less affected by climate change, conserve winter, rain Shi costs.
    c. avoid stone shed, reduce maintenance costs.
    d continuous operation, can increase the speed of construction.
    e. reduce the structure weight and set aside the insulation space.
    1. The construction of the main process
    (1) structural deviation measured
    Deviation of the measured structure, the structure of the dressing, secondary row of plates and plate processing design work has very practical significance. Deviation measured take theodolite voted measured with vertical, horizontal hanging line method of combining fine wire seton; measurement results promptly recorded and plotted the measured results submitted to the technical director and turned like second design.
    (2) construction plans secondary design
    Receipt of complete drawings of the design institute, should be carefully read and understand drawings, a summary of the issues and timely triage to exchange views with the owners, supervision, design institute, quality inspection departments, to identify specific practices, clear away the obstacles of construction drawings. The secondary construction unit design drawings submitted as soon as possible to the construction site and factory processing orders.
    (3) Actinobacillus
    The outer wall of horizontal the design axis basis. Requires that the surface of the wall structure of the outer walls excluding expansion mode wall or patch recessed wall, the outer wall from the design axis error is less than lcm.
    The actinomycetes principle is: to design each interior wall the axis fixed window legislation line, elevation of +50 cm lines to given window up and down horizontal layers design, pop-up window Day Tic-Tac-line and secondary design drawings pop up steel keel line of position. Each bighorn hanging vertical line, given bighorn vertical control line. Completion of the actinomycetes, self-test double-track, double-track and correct official checks, the next step after passing the process.
    (4) fittings welded keel installation
    Fittings surrounded on three sides of the angles and structure embedded iron welding margin increase in a weld angle steel mills in order to ensure the durability of the joints, which is actually, surrounded by welding. Welding completed, in accordance with the regulations to remove the drug skin and inspection of welds implicit, anti-rust paint three times after passing the brush. Connector fixed position is determined according to the connector shells line position, take a horizontal line with the center of the line, the first spot welding determine correctly before welding.
    The fake column, cornice, and other parts of the structure filled hollow block retaining wall or stone surface from the surface of the structure of the gap is too large, designed to meet the building's facade effect, need to be attached to the outside of the silicon structure shaped steel keel. The section steel keel angle iron fittings and structure embedded parts welding, weld requirements and inspection, antisepsis practices ibid. Connection times keel with pendant made of stainless steel bolts, times keel complement each other to achieve the position of the adjustment bolt position open long holes, with tongue. The steel keel installation location must meet the requirements of the peg board.
    (5) pendant installation
    Members to be joined or sub-keel welding is completed, the connection with stainless steel bolts, stainless steel pendant. Stainless steel pin position, the T-type stainless steel pendant position through the pendant bolt hole of degrees of freedom to adjust, perpendicular to the plate surface and correct, and then tighten the bolt, bolt tightening stainless steel spring pad completely flatten prevail, the implicit compliance verification before the next process .
    (6) lung Panel Mount
    Drawing practice dry hanging sheet pendant pinned to the bottom-up hierarchical prop hanging. The board principle Omo pressure on the small side, buildings bighorn sun angle and column Yang angle Begonia angle. Plate slotted wide 60mrn, hole depth 16mm, hole distance plate outer surface: polished plate is 12.5mm, singeing plate is 12.5mm. The plate must be installed with the line, according to specifications by layer leveling, to find the square looking for vertical.
    Secondary design requirements peg board slit width adjustment, first try to hang each plate with leveling and then on foot, hanging panels, structural adhesive should be poured into the tank before installing the T-shaped pendant. At the wide slit plate, stainless steel pendant below has been installing pad real stone catchy polymers.
    2 key process quality requirements and technical measures
    (1) to connect the pieces welding
    General use of the stone "embedded parts + connecting plate + stainless steel pendant" or "embedded parts + connecting plate + section steel keel + stainless steel pendant" fixed installation process; embedded parts have been completed during construction. Welding quality assurance embedded parts connecting plate and keel foreign firm and durable finishes are particularly important. Special for the following requirements:
    Welding before cleaning up the weld, the weld around should not oil, rust matter. The welded construction should take the same thickness of the embedded plate owners site representative and Supervisor witnessed, fittings, steel, welding rods, welding current to do with the conditions of welded specimens and to the quality supervision inspection departments to detect.
    Formal welding should correctly grasp the welding speed, requiring constant velocity welding, to ensure uniform thickness of the width of the weld. The arc length (3mm) the welding angle the (biased Angle side), arc and closing arc should perform welding procedures. Appearance and weld size self-test to confirm no problem before relocated to continue welding slag removal.
    (2) Stone Installation
    First turn drawing check specifications sheet, plate end slotted plate installed after verification. To ensure the quality of the slotted (verticality, groove depth, slot), can take the following measures:
    On-site production of wooden stone holder, the slate is fixed and then slotted. Slot Align T-pendant up and down, marked the location and then slotted. Pre-adjusted position marble machine and ruler bar groove depth ruler rod withstood stone groove depth 16mm appropriate. Slotted completed should perform a self-test, including the groove depth, verticality, stone or without splitting groove side.
    Stone on the wall before the first clear tank dust, gravel; trial linked to the (board position, vertical plate as shown in the following table), tank dispensing install stone, checking on foot. Finishes outside the tolerances shall comply with the "JGJ73-91" specification requirements.
    (3) The caulking
    First specially made the scrubbing brush cleanup stone slab, clean seam slack substance, pollutant, powder, Zaishi brush acetone water twice to increase sealant adhesion capacity.
    The wide slit to tamponade foam caulking Article. Caulking strips? 20, filling the depth should be a straight line (from the stone board 8mm), non-overlapping case pendant disconnected meet sewn tight no gaps.
    Caulking for U.S. production of DC silicone sealant, the first posted gluing strips, to avoid contamination of adjacent stone, stone inlay glue colloidal curved concave cross-section, the inner concave away from the stone surface 1.5mm. Glue gun caulking segmented once completed, the speed should be to ensure that no bubbles caulking constantly glue. Caulking compounds boiling pressure should be completed in the molding of the initial setting, the same shape.
    Hanging stone protection and pollution treatment
    Most stones are stained because the stone has a porosity. This makes the liquid can penetrate into the stone and hidden inside the stone. The longer stains residues, penetration depth, the more long-term. Therefore, the timely removal of stains is very important. Granite is very durable, flexible stone. Daily cleaning: with soapy nylon brush to scrub circular motion, the final rinse thoroughly. Daily cleaning helps prevent the formation of hard water dirt. Deal with persistent stains, try to use a professional granite detergent, please consult Grace Stone protection [decontamination rust remover stone protection precautions article, avoid using a strong base harmful to the stone. Clear granite dedicated derusting by water, rust, caused by iron ions contained in the cooker can be used. Do not use bleach directly on granite.
    Marble has a shiny elegant luster. Stone has voids, it seems difficult to keep this shiny. Seal helps prevent stones absorb liquid, acidic liquid such as orange juice, lemon, soda, and a variety of food, household cleaning agents will corrode stone. Based on this, do not use acidic cleaners on marble. The wet glass weak acid-containing liquid can lead to hard water stains. To avoid water stains, you can use the marble dedicated decontamination rust remover. The only way to remove corrosion, water stains please re-polishing, polishing. Day-to-day care: Use a mild detergent Yan production.
    Limestone surface of the famous inlaid with shells and fossils. Some limestone is very soft, so you have to be careful when using sharp objects to avoid scratching, scratch the surface. Limestone to regularly using penetrating sealant to prevent staining, especially when contact with an acidic substance.
    Soapstone surface is smooth. The soapstone surface very dense, stain resistance. Stone used as a kitchen or bathroom sink its porosity least. Clean: Use a mild detergent can be cleaned with a wet cloth or sponge.
    , Try the following steps to remove stubborn stains on all types of stone, before consulting professionals.
    1) use a neutral stone cleaners to clean the stain area. If that does not work, try to use more decontamination cleaners. Pay attention to what type of stone which can not use chemical products, as described above.
    2) with distilled water to wet the surface of the stone. This helps to prevent excessive drying chemicals, to extend the time of contact it with the stains.
    3) Prepare plaster. The plaster is used to suck out the stones stains. Simple plaster home production, a cup of flour, a few tablespoons of liquid detergent, both mixing to a plaster-like. You can also buy the chemical plaster. If it is a red wine stain, with hydrogen peroxide instead of the cleaning agent.
    4) the plaster plastered on the stain, cover with plastic film, the edge tied with adhesive tape, overnight.
    5) After 24 hours, remove the plastic film. Continue after the plaster dried. This step is very important, because the drying power sucked out the stains from the stone. Then you can be scraped off with a razor blade or putty knife plaster. Water and neutral detergent residue. Note that granite is more porous than other stones, so moisturizing it a long time. If the stains disappear signs, but the stone presents dark, after a week or more, reviving the once.
    Deal with rust, stains (oxide) rust detergent, but because of rust detergents are acidic, so is not the acidproof the stone, such as marble, dolomite, should be tested before use, if necessary, add water thin.
    Wet packing method: the syrup saturated coated in wet packing material (the neutral powder or paper, cloth), a slight extravasation coverage in the affected area, let it restore the natural absorption reaction. Wet dressing should be kept moist during the yellow rust within 24 hours slowed or completely removed. If any residual yellow rust should be recharged continue to wet compress, and can be completely removed.

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