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The men wearing contact lenses decade not take the glasses and corneal stick together

www.tygluegun.comContact lenses to wear for a decade did not take off, when they want to pick Abstract down. Yesterday, reporters from Shanghai eye anti informed that the over 40-year-old Mr. Wang (a pseudonym) has to find a doctor, I hope to take off wearing contact lenses of the glue stick decade, a doctor examined glue gun him and found the lens and cornea tight adhesions together , if it is hard to take, corneal rupture and blindness may result.
    Hard to take or corneal rupture
    Mr. Wang began a decade ago to wear contact lenses, he felt taken out every night, the next morning and then put on extremely inconvenient and unhygienic, so in this decade, whether it is work, reading, sleeping or taking a bath, he contact lenses never been taken down. Not long ago, in a door-to-door health check service in community organizations, doctors found that his cornea damage, wear contact lenses and corneal stick together tightly. If hard to take down, may cause corneal rupture. City eye anti Control Section Zhu Jianfeng Chief of sources, Mr. Wang is now high myopia, to continue to develop, then eventually lead to blindness. In fact, Mr. Wang, as the material has appeared fuzzy and muddy phenomenon, this may be due to lens aging and corneal wear. But he has yet to follow the doctor's recommendations, through medical means to remove adhesions contact lenses.
    Zhu Jianfeng chief said, this case is very rare. More common is some contact lens wearers wearing contact lenses take a nap or a night or two when traveling, do not remove the lens. In addition, there are some people in the swimming Abstract contact lenses. These are all wearing contact lenses process of misunderstanding. Wearing contact lenses and then wear waterproof swimming goggles, still difficult to avoid the pool of water into the eyes. Because the pool water can cause pollution, a number of pathogenic microorganisms attached to the surface of the lens can damage the material, the case of injury or decline in the body's immune system, may lead to eye infections of the cornea.
    The principles of time to wear contact lenses should not be more than 10 hours a day. Sleep wearing contact lenses, make the cornea can not breathe breathable, easy to cause eye redness, corneal hypoxia and even infection. Pseudomonas aeruginosa and amoebic bacterial keratitis caused by common bacteria, if people Remove contact lenses before sleeping, these germs are likely blooms at night, causing keratitis.
    Eye drops can not be used indiscriminately
Wear colored contact lenses, to cast eye shadow, coated with thick mascara, or simply paste, dense and long false eyelashes - a lot of young women "invisible group" flashing "electric eye" is manufactured. Doctors advise wearing contact lenses, it is best not to put on mascara, wearing false eyelashes. Easily touch the sticky glue false eyelashes contact lenses, get rid of the mascara easy tiny crumbs falling into the eyes, if foreign objects fall into between the contact lens and the eye, the event can not get out, friction likely to go wrong.
    Reporters interviewed some of the "invisible group" frankly, wearing contact lenses for a long time, will feel dry eyes, blurred uncomfortable, many people like to carry eye drops to relieve dry eye. Drops the eye can instantly moist refreshing, the more you use the more addictive. But experts said that most of the commercially available eye drops containing antibiotics or preservatives, and ocular surface inflammation, not indiscriminate use of eye drops containing antibiotics or hormones. Eye drops containing preservatives emergency use only occasionally, if the long-term dependency, but easily lead to dry eye and other eye diseases. If you have to through eye drops to relieve dry eyes, it is recommended to use a small package, preservative-free artificial tears.
    Frame glasses are relatively safer
    Zhu Jianfeng said that many young people wear contact lenses because of some mistake, too lazy detachable, there are a lot of people like to color contact lenses, and even some small degree of color film people will choose to wear myopia. Doctors advise, contrast, or select the glasses more secure. Everyone's physique is different, and some people extended wear contact lenses - also known as contact lens, leading to reduced tear secretion and abnormal ingredients, plus the dry winter air, evaporates faster, easy to cause dry eye and other eye diseases. Zhu Jianfeng remind If you wear contact lenses, be sure to choose the regular manufacturers products. Online "three noes" color contact lens manufacturers may use inferior dye lens color, color invasive eye, eyes will cause great harm.

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