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Hanzhengjie repeated calls for strict implementation of the fire control system

   At 23:19 on January 17, Wuhan City Wusheng Wang Hong Industrial Co. garment factory fire, burned area of 900 square meters, 18 at 1 pm, the fire was extinguished. As at 18:00 on the 18th, the fire death toll to 14.

    Fire location is actually Hanzhengjie, the first reports are "Wuhan Hanzhengjie fire" words. Do not know "Hanzhengjie fire" too sensitive markets Hanzhengjie years together by the fire together,glue stick each loss of life, often become the most pain in Wuhan, so that local media can not bear to mention "Hanzhengjie" in the name?

    What makes these Hanzhengjie became the hardest hit by the fire? Just one month before the fire, Wuhan City Fire Department has held fire in winter Hanzhengjie "Skynet action" special rectification will be deployed, inform the fire since the beginning Hanzhengjie Hanzhengjie commodity market conditions and fire hazard remediation situation. It was reported that January-November 2010, a total fire area Hanzhengjie 33. Electrical, careless use of fire, smoking, playing with fire, and other production operations remain accidentally fire the main reason. This shows, "The main reason," a long time, and fail to rule without a break.glue gun These problems are bad management, or control well, worth studying.
    January 18, the Mayor of Wuhan to the scene of the fire, calls for a serious fire lessons learned, giving top priority to carry out rectification work the potential of fire investigation. Government held an emergency teleconference meeting, also asked the District Government to further enhance their understanding, focusing on the city's shopping malls, markets, hospitals, schools, places of entertainment, "one" place conducted an intensive investigation, etc., without leaving any corner.

    Cause of the fire, is basically similar; and each fire, the "high priority" and "important instructions" content, they are the same: "seriously draw lessons" "TELL" "to further enhance their understanding," "strict investigation "... ... is always the same pay for drugs, prescription is ready to turn out on record in a speech on the line. Of course, these cliches, if already put in verse, should be the mouth to come. Perhaps, then on to say, but we are most concerned about is the implementation. Said how much the implementation of the original? Both said, "TELL", why cause of the fire are very similar each time? Only that "an intensive investigation, leaving no", why 11 months of the 33 fire "is still" what kinds of reasons? And Carter, a major fire would come again.

    To me, the reason Hanzhengjie keep the fire may not be complex: one is the regulatory dereliction of duty; one is poor accountability. If you are just take time after the accident, "kid" do not ask, "Hades", then really have the ability to avoid accidents in charge will certainly be the lack of adequate pressure; no pressure, safety supervision and power come from? Taken the trouble to say no amount of "giving top priority to" What is the use?


    ● bib does not warm: To be honest, many of the problems in the following, alone or even withdrawal of critics who worry the leadership, a temporary solution, to have an effective security system.

    ● ball of light 00: business units make their lives more important than property, heavy, or they are not secure, we should allow the investigation of public security fire door every day? Source Chengdu Business Daily "word. Breach of the declarant,)

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