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« China's industrial energy market in 2010 reached 70 billion yuan"2011 China (Nanjing) Smart Grid Summit" Opening in September »

Changes in market positioning wire and cable business was renamed Dow

    In the new business growth strategy, driven by Dow Wire & Cable business unit was renamed as Dow energy and information services department, with a view to the field of electricity and provide better information for wire and cable sheathing, insulating, glue stick semiconducting and special compounds and materials such as technical support.

     This is a focus on power and telecommunications cables business in terms of technology is very important step to further demonstrate its commitment to the relevant industries and markets other companies or business units can not provide the materials science solutions firm commitment. Recent advances in biochemical research, driven by Dow's business units in the personal electronics, glue gun appliances, transport and construction applications have had to bear a more important role.

     Dow Power and General Manager TimLaughlin information services, said: "Electricity and electrical components is the field of energy and information resources, there are the most common product in major markets for these services up to 60 years, we welcome further expand Dow application range of the best time for the entire market with new technologies and products to achieve internal structural growth, we will make alliances with other companies to use their products and expertise to further enhance the formation of our or supplement. "

     Dow R & D in technology and materials science has a long tradition, will provide a wide range of high quality plastic, composite materials, additives and fluid solution. These valuable assets and information with the Dow energy business and its strategic partners' combined expertise and experience can bring to the changing electricity market to create more value and information a valuable opportunity.

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