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JianZhiRen for nuclear power with accusations approval renewable energy method is to resign conditions

JianZhiRen on June 4, 2010 was elected Japan became prime minister in 94, less than two years, according to the Japanese media say will be in 26, officially announced the resignation later. Japan 5 years time continuous five successive prime minister to resign, Japan regime change fast, make the world is too many things to see.

According to understand,glue stick since last may JianZhiRen as Japanese prime minister, he has been in dealing with some international affairs and march this year happen earthquake and nuclear leakage accident, show indecision and the lack of experience and guidance ability, let the disappointment of Japanese media, approval ratings plummeted.

But according to the yomiuri website analyses,glue gun JianZhiRen directly to resign the fuse should is "to nuclear" policy, JianZhiRen in 21, the senate budget committee on Japan repeatedly stressed that the "nuclear" to the correctness and rationality of the name, was more cabinet members of the opposition, led to internal directly cabinet have great differences of opinion, JianZhiRen therefore was forced to resign.

Exactly why JianZhiRen resignation, opinions are different, but the conclusion of the final ending is unified, is JianZhiRen resign. August 26, in his resignation as the "bonds issued special conditions bill" and "special measures" renewable energy bill for all the meeting through the senate, JianZhiRen announced his resignation after formal. Japan's Democrats are also will be held on 29 congress congress, to elect a new leader take JianZhiRen, Japan's new prime minister will be in 30 days formally birth.

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