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« Changes in market positioning wire and cable business was renamed DowNational Grid coordinate northwest wind farm will be the net transfer was held in Lanzhou »

"2011 China (Nanjing) Smart Grid Summit" Opening in September

  As a reliable, safe, economical, efficient and environmentally friendly power grid, smart grid technologies and industry more and more national attention. In 2010, the country from a strategic perspective, including smart grid will include a new energy industry as a strategic development of new industries and to stimulate and promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry.

    Published in the March 16 "five-second" Plan, the state clearly that "promote smart grid construction, strengthen urban and rural power grid construction and transformation, enhanced network capacity and optimize the allocation of power supply reliability." Smart grid development is becoming social consensus. Smart grid into the second Five-national major construction projects, is the scientific use of energy and the rational allocation of resources, energy conservation, power from the big country to the only way. "Twelve Five" period, the global smart grid will remain in early stages of development, basically at the same starting line at home and abroad.glue gun This is China's smart grid construction by leaps and bounds ahead of the world's major strategic opportunity. Ministry of Science and 863 in the "second five" investment 1.05 billion for smart grid study of major projects; the next decade, is building from a large-scale implementation of smart grid to enhance the important stage leading to the 2020 national expectations The total investment will be strong in the 4 trillion yuan to build the smart grid.

    Nanjing is China's power industry automation and an important base for smart grid, grid security and stability in the analysis and control, relay protection, automation control and information systems integration and other high-tech research and application, in the leading position. glue stick Jiangning is the land of industrial concentration in the industry on behalf of Nanjing has been in the nation, gathered NR Paul, National Power South, Kim Ji-technology, Siemens, Phoenix and other famous enterprises at home and abroad more than 100. Ministry of Science, 2004 Jiangning was approved as a "national power automation industry base", 2010, State Grid Power Research "State Grid Corporation of smart grid research and industry (Nanjing) base" and settled in Jiangning.

    In order to build a one hundred billion "national smart grid Industrial Park", the Jiangning District People's Government and China Energy and Environment Science and Technology Association in Nanjing on September 16, "2011 China Nanjing Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair" held during the "2011 China (Nanjing ) Smart Grid Forum. "

    Will be invited to the national, provincial and municipal leaders, and CPPCC, vice director of Economic Commission for Zhang, Lu Yanchang, chairman of China Society of Electrical Engineering Minister, China Energy and Environment Science and Technology Association, honorary chairman of Mr. Lu minister, director of the National Energy Advisory Committee for Xu Dingming counselor, executive director of China Society of Electrical Engineering Academician Li Huang, Zhou Xiaoxin, honorary president of China Electric Power Research Institute Fellow, Energy and Environment Science and Technology Association of China Yan Luguang Fellow, Department of State Grid Corporation of Yi-Min Wang, director of the Smart Grid, the former director of the National Energy Research Institute Feng, Siemens (China), Senior Vice President, General Manager of Smart Grid Business Group Dr. Xiao Song, ABB (China) Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu Wenhui, vice president, Alstom China Smart Grid Business Director Li Ye, Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Smart Grid experts, Mr. Yang Jungan chief, vice president of North China Electric Power University, Ming Li and 20 guests attended a number of important speeches.

    Invited Germany's Siemens, France Schneider, the French Areva, ABB, General Electric, the United States, the United States IBM, Japan's Mitsubishi Electric, Japan AE Power Systems, South Korea, LS Industrial Systems, TBEA, Tianwei change, Western Power Group, Shanghai Electric Group, Dongfang Electric Group, XJ Electric, the country the power to vote, high level of electrical, China Resources Power, China Guangdong Nuclear Wind Power Group, Tsinghua University, North China Electric Power University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute, Shanghai University of Electric Power, NARI, the National Power South, Kim Ji-technology, Phoenix, Pawei'er electrical, Hongyuan Electric, Daquan Group, Fang-day power, four billion energy, the electrical power, Huaneng Group, Datang Group, Huadian Group, China Power Group, China Power Investment Group, East China Power Grid, North China Power Grid, the Northwest Power Grid, Southern Power Grid, Jiangsu Provincial Power Company, Zhejiang Electric Power Company and other well-known enterprises, research institutions and the power giant to participate in the exchange; both CCTV and Jiangsu TV, the National Grid newspaper, newspaper China Power, China's energy newspaper, Xinhua, China's energy network, electricity network Polaris, HC, light the newspaper, transmission and distribution equipment, networks, China's power business procurement network, electricity and other well-known media ChinaHR will give this forum maximum intensity of the support and participation.

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