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National Grid coordinate northwest wind farm will be the net transfer was held in Lanzhou

     August 16, 2011, by the Northwest Power Grid Company sponsored the national grid, Gansu Provincial Power Company, Gansu Electric Power Research Institute in association with low-voltage across the wind farm site testing coordination meeting in Lanzhou, Tianyuan Hot Spring Hotel up held.

     Gansu is the wind resource-rich provinces, one of the province's wind energy resource reserves of 123 million kilowatts theory, the total wind power reserve ranks fifth. Wind energy resource reserves of 33.95 million kilowatts, wind energy technology development capacity of 26.67 glue stick million kilowatts,

     National Grid power-control sub-centers northwest Gansu Provincial Power Company control center, Gansu Electric Power Research Institute, China Electric Power Research Institute of the responsible person, Gansu Province, the head of each wind farm, the major domestic wind turbine manufacturers participated in the meeting by the Northwest Power Baixing Zhong, deputy director of regulatory sub-hosted. Gansu Electric glue gun Power Dispatching and Communication Center made ??a presentation on "Learning Publicizing national ministries, regulatory agencies about wind power, detection and management requirements," the statement, the Northwest control sub-centers, Gansu EPRI were made ??through the detection of low-voltage implementation details and testing program, as well as on-site requirements and note the presentation. On-site participants discussed in depth the various units of low-voltage across the specific details, plans and wind farm safety issues.

     The meeting also invited the Chinese Electric Power Research Institute Energy Institute, the National Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Dongrun ring energy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., well-known prediction and monitoring of new energy technology research units, in the wind power prediction done the presentation, the China energy Research Institute of electric Power Research Institute Dr. Feng Shuanglei new wind power prediction system principles, techniques, and applications of the country made ??a detailed introduction. Dongrun ring to people responsible for the company's situation, wind power prediction made ??to explain the relevant circumstances and case display.

     Finally, Bai Zhuren coordination arrangements on the next phase of wind power focus and made ??a detailed presentation on the outcome of this meeting made ??a concluding statement.

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