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Hsieh Chang-jun: wind power electricity price in the second half up another three yuan

   Long Yuan Electric Power Executive Director and General Manager Hsieh Chang-jun, said the company has the first half of wind power electricity price increase of 7 yuan (below) to 572 yuan per megawatt-hour, expected in the second half will rise by $ 3, glue gun because the company put into operation wind turbines are mainly located in areas of high electricity prices, while the region's generating capacity will rise as the price of thermal power, in the first half has risen $ 9 material in the second half and then little room for upward adjustment.

     In addition,power socket the company has been in South Africa, the United States, Canada, Hungary and other countries set up projects overseas to build office and signed a 100 MW wind power project in Canada purchase agreement. Secretary of the Board and Joint Company Secretary Jianan Song said, Canada is expected to start the project preparation at the end of the year may be eligible next year to start construction next year can be put into production, while South Africa is preparing to bid the project, if successfully bid, expected next year could start.

     Hsieh Chang-jun said the company plans to issue RMB bonds in Hong Kong, currently under internal discussion.

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