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People in 2011 of the top enterprises in zhejiang province electric front row

A few days ago, zhejiang province enterprise association released 2011 of the top enterprises in zhejiang province, and manufacturing of the top enterprises in the people's list, glue gun electric group with 24.8 billion yuan in 2011 total output value of the top enterprises in zhejiang province, and a top 25 manufacturing 16.

In recent years, under the leadership of chairman in ZhengYuanBao, people's electrical firmly establish the scientific concept of development, system optimization management mechanism, construction harmonious work environment, energy Increase science and technology innovation, speeding up the technical glue stick renovation speed, the synthesis competitive capacity of enterprises rapid ascension.

As industrial electrical appliance manufacturing of zhejiang province, accounts for nearly China's industrial electrical field is the largest and the most excellent your community. As industrial electric appliance industry leader, people electrical appliance in recent years, become a booming industrial electrical industry legend. In 2006, the people's electrical subversion traditional management mode, the full implementation of the performance excellence management, greatly activated the enterprise operation efficiency. This reform into people's electrical development, then the watershed of the people's electric implements a and a spanning growth.

In June this year the world brand laboratory of the 2011 issued by China's 500 most valuable brand ", people electrical appliance brand value amount to 9.235 billion yuan, industrial electric field in China top brand value. "1025" period, people electrical appliance will work to achieve the next target, and promote enterprise listed, the output value one hundred billion yuan, "breakthrough into global top 500", it will become the international influence of famous enterprises and the world brand.

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