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Desulphurization of steel prices, lack of motivation have been called to follow the thermal power subsidy

   China's steel industry billion dollar market sintering flue gas desulfurization, is suffering from low-profit era of multiple barriers.

"As a large steel enterprises, we have very actively engaged in environmental protection, but in the present sintering desulfurization project, it can be said that only social, not economic." September 20, Maanshan Iron and Steel Group Vice President Ding Yi to the newspaper Reporters such laments.

He was referring to three years ago, Siemens sold to the European market, Maanshan Iron and Steel's first Meros sinter waste gas purification systems. Maanshan Iron & Steel invested a total of 120 million for this, basically a pure investment.

Currently, the steel industry,glue stick the full implementation of sintering flue gas desulfurization, have been included in the State Department, "" five "comprehensive energy conservation program of work." "Twelve Five" period, the focus of state control on the desulfurization, the last five years from the field of thermal power transferred to the steel industry.

The real challenge is, there are now more than 1,200 sets of sinter machine, built-desulfurization unit ratio of the total sintering machine was less than 15%.

September 21, Siemens (China) General Manager Zhaiyu You Metals Technologies, said in an interview with reporters: "We judge that China's has hundreds of billions of sinter waste gas purification market share, great, but also confused, because in the industry access, have yet to achieve standardization. "

"It's basically low-profit business enterprises in steel, we call on the field of environmental protection in the desulfurization, supported by national policies, glue gun such as such as thermal power, as appropriate to give some subsidies." Ding Yi told reporters.

Called for subsidized

"Urged countries to give appropriate financial subsidies, tariff concessions or take, relief sewage charges other way."

September 20, the second in Maanshan Iron Plant, assistant director of 300 square meters, pointing Wuchao Gang No. 1 sintering machine no longer smoke in chimneys, told reporters: "In June 2009 we completed the Meros sinter flue gas desulphurization system, flue gas handling capacity per hour is now 520,000 Nm3 (normal cubic meter), the daily average concentration of sulfur dioxide gas efflux is less than or equal to 200 mg / Nm3. "

Easier to understand the data is only No. 1 sintering machine on the annual emission reductions to 3,500 tons.

According to Di Yuyou introduction, Meros sinter plant is an important process exhaust equipment. In a series of process steps, the sintering exhaust gas contained dust, acid gases and toxic metals and organic matter content, reduced to a conventional system can not reach the previous level.

But quite puzzling is that 3 years later, Maanshan Iron and Steel of the "model" project, it is still Meros Siemens VAI only gains in China. Even the co-Maanshan Iron & Steel, only six in its sintering machine in one of testing the waters.

Reporters found, both of which Siemens this as China's "first set of" sample, a higher proportion of imported equipment, therefore leading to high prices, but more with the Chinese steel enterprises in the desulfurization stage, the investment on environmental protection related to a serious shortage of power .

"Logically, we should continue to accelerate launched, we have invested a great environment. Meros 120 million in addition to the overall investment, annual operating costs of the project there are 30 million."

Maanshan Iron & Steel Group Vice President Ding Yi told reporters, "but we all know the profitability of steel companies now pitifully low, so we have been calling the appropriate state to give financial subsidies, tariff concessions or take, reduction of sewage charges another way for us to be more power. "

Be used as a contrast to the steel thermal power sector subsidies status quo.

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