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« The men wearing contact lenses decade not take the glasses and corneal stick together

About laminating machine and its working principle

www.tygluegun.comLaminating the natural tension of the paper is the use of glue stick water to wet the paper with glue stick to the cardboard, wood and other objects, to dry the paper very flat, generally preparatory drawing and painting, now mainly used for cartons, paper box processing.
    Laminating machine is to complete the work program of machinery, which consists of a glue gun feed the institutions, Biaozhi institutions and platen institutions, are juxtaposed two limelight on the feeding mechanism, intermediate positioning mechanism on in Biaozhi institutions, will be mounted The paper feed mechanism is divided into two paper path, both sides in Biaozhi agency side wing spring piece, the intermediate positioning mechanism is positioned by the middle of the guide blocks and lifting mechanism, intermediate positioning guide block lifting mechanism even coating is plastic film coated with adhesive, with print paper substrates, is pressurized by the rubber roller and the heating roller together products form Zhisu unity. After coating printed materials, due to the surface more than a thin, transparent layer of plastic film, the surface is more smooth and shiny. This machine is coated molding used supplies has been coated with a good glue laminating glue melted by heating, by pressurizing the adhesive film printed. Simple structure, increase productivity, and to adapt to different sizes of paper, is a no limit to the size of the paper, not only to improve the print gloss and fastness, and extend the life of the print, play a waterproof plastic film, antifouling, wear-resistant, folding, chemical resistant protective effect.
    Common laminating machine semi-automatic laminating machine for single-sided cardboard cladding, local and overall framed paste, local and global gray cardboard cladding, double-sided label framed windows, and designed for the production of a narrow range of short paper watt wholly linkage line laminating machine.
    Adhesive laminating machine
    The compression, platen, bursting strength and adhesion is an important physical indicators of corrugated boxes, intensity associated with the process of paper, cardboard, adhesive and composite glue inseparable. Veneer bonded directly affect the next process of the carton and customer packaging, gluing become an important part of the process of laminating composite if the glue uneven bonding well, cardboard surface will blister cardboard back of the viscose water be able to see, corrugated rubber powder.
    Machining accuracy of the laminating machine decided to glue uniformity. The rubber roller outer and inner circles accuracy requirements roller outer car, the roundness of the inner rear accurate and consistent, not after 2 years of operation wheels eccentric rejection gum veneer machine precision of at least 5 years, remain unchanged. Fully automatic machine uses a built-in plastic tank, a closed pump glue, the glue amount of hydraulic pressure for glue, uniformity, safety and health.

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