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Klauke Greenlee 74th Electronics Show debut

    74th China Electronics Fair (CEF) & 2009 Asia Electronics Exhibition (AEES) yesterday at the Shanghai New International Expo Center opened, the current size of 50,000 square meters exhibition attracted more than 1,500 exhibitors, of which 80% of domestic enterprises.

Automotive Electronics Development Key words network, intelligence, security

    Automotive electronics and intelligent network is moving in the direction of the development of electronic control devices through the CAN bus, providing a stable, reliable, low-cost network connectivity; motors, switches, sensors and lights, glue stick etc. through the local interconnect network (LIN) to network connection.


VVVF traction in the rail transportation system

    Electrified railway and urban rail transit from DC to AC drive the rapid development, and it is the emerging development of power electronic devices inseparable.glue stick Because of the emergence of any new device will transform the power and control technology to create breakthrough to dramatically improve the performance and the drive to expand its range of applications.


Hefei wholesale winter fire fire five points to remind

    November 17 20 am, a large wholesale dry goods district of Anhui  fire, a total of three rooms by fire more than window dressing rooms, the total fire area of about 2,000 square meters. It is understood that there were no casualties, the loss is statistics,glue stick the specific cause of the fire in the further investigation. Autumn and winter, dry weather, is the fire-prone season. In recent years, high electrical fire can not be ignored, particularly in the heating, smoking,glue gun use of fire and power of life and other aspects of fire safety.


Type of building collapse and fire rescue to be taken by way of

    Buildings seem to grow taller every year, with the emergence of high-rise buildings, building collapse has caused concern. Weather patterns and ground types are likely to result in the building and its residents in the scale of destruction. glue stick Destructive man-made structures also play an important role in the collapse.


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