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Ebb Tide energy service companies to survive

 Contract energy management in the industry called "EMC", is 70 years in Western countries began to develop a market-based operation of the new energy-efficient new mechanism. Energy service companies and energy users signed a management contract, to provide users with energy-saving diagnosis, financing, glue stick transformation services, and energy efficiency in order to recover their investment and to share a reasonable profit, can greatly reduce the energy unit energy-saving financial and technical risks, and fully using units to mobilize the enthusiasm of energy saving, energy-saving measures are effective. This energy-saving mode in the early 1990s, the formal introduction of our country, until now China has entered more than ten years, in which more than ten years, China's energy saving from the beginning of unknown cause, and now strongly support the national . This can be experienced during a long process of exploration.


Ten years the rapid development of the industry total output value of the instrument three times the fan

   2011 is our "second Five Year Plan" the first year. Instrumentation is a strategic and emerging industries, "five-second" period, the state will pay more attention to application and development of scientific instruments. Laboratory science and technology output, the more the forefront of education, the state of the laboratory into very large. Today many laboratories are university teachers and graduate students study daily work placeglue gun Into the twentieth century, various types of physical laboratories are springing up, extensive research work carried out. Can be said that the laboratory is the cradle of science is scientific research base. Past five years since China instrument industry since the founding of the fastest growing for five years. At present, China has become an international instrument one of the largest industry is also developing instrumentation industry's largest and most complete product variety of countries. China instrument industry was the rapid trend in the market healthy and orderly development of the decade three times the output fan.


Optical cable market to 15% -20% annual increase rate

     Background activity: building hardware for the exchange of electrical and mechanical trades business circles, to help SMEs ... Intel invite fiberglass mold suppliers down the supply chain to promote mold industry in Japan the focus of offshore business world Qi-Xiong swordfight mold power cable home: China's largest and most the authority of the wire and cable industry e-commerce site. name = description> wire and cable, fiber optic cable, cable materials, cable equipment, copper and aluminum prices, bidding information, supply and demand information, products, membership services, advertising services. name = keywords>


Low-voltage electrical industry, "second Five Year Plan"

   1, the guiding ideology

    The general idea: to take Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" as guidance, comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, to keep track of foreign advanced technology and product development, leading the industry to promote the development of independent innovation as a way of changing the central link. Products to intelligent, communication, networking, high reliability, green development. Continue to develop with our own intellectual property rights of low-voltage electrical products, low-voltage electrical-related technologies to keep up with the world development trend. Main tasks: an objective analysis of the impact of changes in the external environment for development, glue gun an accurate grasp of current industry trends, industry-focused business development targeted for the development of the industry's hot spots and key issues, research that "five-second" The overall objective of development, ideas focus on the task. And for industry characteristics, propose measures. Low-voltage electrical industry to become the next five years to guide the development of the Programme of Action.


Beijing layout of the sensor technology roadmap leading Internet of Things

   Apple and Nike iPod Sport Kit to push cooperation, Haier launched the refrigerator of things, the new China Science and Technology Museum Hall of RFID tickets, IT industry, things change is indicative of the era curtain opened.

    Internet of Things "pyramid" and the bottom was undoubtedly the most basic part of the sensor, it is the total amount of the whole industry chain, the largest and most basic part of the whole key role in the development of things, naturally has a great industrial potential. September 15, glue stick 2011 afternoon, "IT Trends Series Report Release & Information Technology Seminar" held in Beijing, Beijing Kexin Tang super center on the "Beijing sensors and sensor network technology Roadmap Report" (hereinafter referred to research reports) do its work.


Residential customers in 2020 to lead the Spanish solar thermal market

   According to the Spanish Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE) and consultants ECLAREON, 2020, the Spanish construction technology rules may lead 3.4 million square meters of solar thermal systems increases,glue gun the main guide by the housing market. The study, in accordance with the rules of the 2011-2020 construction of solar thermal technology and solar photovoltaic power generation to do the assessment, and construction techniques to measure that rules Spain's two main requirements for solar thermal and solar photovoltaic markets.


Desulphurization of steel prices, lack of motivation have been called to follow the thermal power subsidy

   China's steel industry billion dollar market sintering flue gas desulfurization, is suffering from low-profit era of multiple barriers.

"As a large steel enterprises, we have very actively engaged in environmental protection, but in the present sintering desulfurization project, it can be said that only social, not economic." September 20, Maanshan Iron and Steel Group Vice President Ding Yi to the newspaper Reporters such laments.


Germany and Japan's controversial new energy direction and timetable for Mercedes-Benz Toyota

  "IAA is the automotive industry's 'crystal ball', where you can discern the present and future vehicles."

    September 13, the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) the official opening of the German Automotive Industry Association  Mann said surface, not without emotion,glue gun because two years ago of the last Frankfurt Motor Show, the automotive industry when the financial crisis trough.


New energy crisis and China's economic machine

    Several energy giants that the "five-second" period of China's new energy development will usher in blowout

    Russia's largest energy group ArtemVolynetss En + Group CEO Forum in Davos, there is little time to rest. Not participate in the forum to discuss energy issues, is visiting customers in China.


PV Great Leap Forward worry: Jing Ke Haining "accidental" pollution incident

   At 15:00 on September 19, Haining, Zhejiang, local villagers were reported "emissions cause 31 cancer, 6 leukemia," JinkoSolar PV companies, held a press conference on the "conflict with the reporter." and "solid waste mishandling" public apology.


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