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How to choose a commercial venture?

    People always make investment decisions based on the expected, the investment hot retail market is expected that at work too good. Ideally, people lost investment return direction, leading to vacant shops available in the market increase, the level of actual investment income is only investors know it. True to that shop to make money investing?


Leakage protection of electrical equipment, technology depth

    Abstract: According to the actual characteristics of our plant, the actual situation, size and characteristics of the geological environment and the operation and maintenance, introduce a ground or zero protection, leakage protection three kinds of leakage protection, the principle of leakage protection, classification, glue stick selection of installation principles and operation of common failures do occur in depth.


Textile enterprises to the Expo to share this piece of "cake"

    China won the right to host the World Expo 2010 is 151 years since the first time in developing countries, is the world's recognition of China's economic strength, China will also overall social progress, improve the quality of life a huge boost.

Chint Electric Shanghai policies to encourage the three products were

    Recently, the good news continue to Chint Electric Co., Ltd., the two products are strict reporting and expert assessment, are included in the project of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.
    At the same time,glue stick SFSZ11-180000/220 air-cooled three-phase oil-immersed three-winding power transformer load tap Receives "Technology Progress Award in Songjiang District."


EHS plant safety, health and environmental management practices training

    Time and place: 04-05 September 2010 at (Shenzhen) 10 23-24 (Shanghai).

    Cost: 2,500 yuan / person (including training, training materials, lunch, refreshments, etc.).

    Class Participation Object: Operations Director / Manager, director, production manager / supervisor, technical / engineering managers, security education and training of supervisors and managers; safety supervisors,glue stick managers and related departments such as engineers and managers.


Fujian Shishi: Russian product certification clothing change in output

    Fujian Shishi from the Office of Inspection and Quarantine Bureau recently learned that, according to Russian official announcement, from 1 July 2010, the electrical and electronic contact with food products will no longer need to apply for health certification and replace it with the Russian government's registration certificate, July 1 has been issued in the health certificate can be used January 1, 2012.


Change the rules of Russia's textile and garment products Certification certification has become

    Recently, this reporter learned from the Office of Fujian Shishi Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, according to Russian official announcement, from 1 July 2010, the electrical and electronic contact with food products will no longer need to apply for health certification and replace it with the Russian government's certificate of registration , glue stick July 1 has been issued a health certificate can be used January 1, 2012.


Clothing window display: color and lighting are also "hidden rules"

    Color is the first feeling of viewing distance. The speed of color to convey information better than graphics and text.
    The color of the window, including clothing, display props, floor and wall color, etc., ground, wall and props as the highlight color with clothing, so refrain from the more intense the color contrast that the visual impact of the stronger guest, you can rob people sight, this is a misunderstanding on the knowledge.


Plastic parts of auto parts covering a huge potential for development

    Composite materials automotive industry has become the most promising future of one of the areas downstream. At present, whether developed or developing, engineering plastics have been widely used in cars.
    Vehicles are involved in commercial vehicles, passenger cars, construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, sports cars and recreational vehicles, motorcycles, military vehicles and almost all types of vehicles; application components involved in various parts of the car, it can be said from the front to the rear of the vehicle , glue stick from the exterior parts to interior parts, from doors and windows to the car cover everywhere.

Bosch MIC range for the launch of its latest camera configuration software

   ? MIC series of cameras specifically for all the powerful configuration and control software.

    ? including configuration settings, through the IP / analog control, including new features.

    ? for large-scale installation of multiple cameras to provide quick and easy system setup.


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