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The pv war India made little impact comes into play

After the United States announced on Chinese imports start double the photovoltaic survey (antidumping, anti-subsidy), recently issued a warning of the ministry of commerce of China, said the Indian government may within a month of Chinese solar modules anti-dumping investigation. The industry thinks generally, India and the government "copycat behavior, for the domestic pv manufacturers very small effect. From the customs yanzhao metropolis daily reporter and the place such as local companies to understand, hebei photovoltaic industry at present to India exports small to almost negligible,glue gun so even if India start trade sanctions, of hebei enterprise has little effect.


The state council foreign investment is encouraged more instrument industry

The foreign investment industrial guidance catalogue (2011 revision) "has been approved by the state council, are hereby promulgated, since on 30 January 2012 promulgation. On October 31, 2007, the national development and reform commission and ministry of commerce "issued by the foreign investment industrial guidance catalogue (2007 revision) shall be repealed at the same time.


1025 instruments industry an overview of the development opportunities

With the expansion of the market demand, and people life the instrumentation industry has developed rapidly, but because technology and innovation and other reasons, the domestic industry and foreign instrument still has a huge gap, key technology scarce, low level repeat, the stability of the products and get the solution of the basic reliability, high precision instruments in the still rely heavily on imports, import a lot of adverse effects of industry development.


China low-voltage complete equipment market price decline gradually

Industry cluster regional features

At present China low-voltage complete equipment enterprise mainly concentrated in jiangsu, zhejiang,glue stick Shanghai and Beijing, the industrial cluster of form quickly produced a number of influential large and medium-sized leading private enterprises. According to information, from regional perspective, China's low voltage complete sets of equipment market is mainly distributed in the east, south and north.


Chengtai electrical: low voltage electrical demand

Researchers report that in 2011, the low voltage electrical demand is strong, the company revenue growth, the macro economic fluctuation is small. Low voltage electrical demand and the social fixed assets investment was positively associated or not depends largely on the macro economic situation. The traditional product class and rural reform and security room construction fit high, glue gun pulled by the obvious.


Government to revive the growth of domestic solar PV industry morale

   National Energy Board announced that the latest five-second system of renewable energy planning objectives, formally installed capacity of solar power by 2015, upwards to 15 billion watts (15GWp), 50% higher than the original target, it seems to respond to recent complaints of dumping by the light of European and American countries V chain embattled pressure, the government quickly open the domestic market to an emergency.


Flexible solar cell conversion rate of breakthrough

   Swiss Federal Materials Science and Technology Laboratory scientists have recently perfected before the development of flexible solar cells, achieving a record 18.7% efficiency.

     Although the flexible copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells is currently an emerging field, however, a team of scientists led by Warri after years of efforts to improve the efficiency of the material. Warri is the author of the study. He said: "CIGS solar cells achieved 18.7% conversion rate for us is a huge success,glue stick which further demonstrates the practicality of CIGS." Manufactured before the team has a flexible solar cell efficiency of 17.5%. CIGS layer between an impurity diffusion barrier covered with steel foil - a thin coating of material to prevent spread, the temperature is about 550 degrees Celsius, which is the 17.5% conversion rate of the main parts.glue gun In order to achieve 18.7% efficiency, scientists have improved the CIGS layer and the specific structural features to generate low temperature deposition layer. Scientists believe that flexible high-performance CIGS solar cells is an advantage because it simplifies processing and reduces production costs.


Photovoltaic companies are not optimistic about the 2012 financial support to key

   The solar PV market, the turbulent close to the end of 2011, outlook 2012, many solar companies are not optimistic view. The industry believes that those with strong financial support of the photovoltaic business to be able to retain a place in 2012

Solar energy industries and enterprises social responsibility report

 Beijing Temple Group has released the 2001-2011 corporate social responsibility report. It is understood that this is the first solar industry companies issued corporate social responsibility report.

     The report reviewed the Temple Group in the period 2001-2011 to fulfill social responsibility, summary of the scientific enterprise development, economic development, glue stick safety, technological innovation, environmental protection, employee benefits and other aspects of social welfare work.


The future development of domestic high-voltage inverter market forecast

     "" Second five "comprehensive energy conservation program of work" proposed, insisted to reduce energy consumption intensity, the reasonable control of energy consumption, promoting technological progress combine to significantly improve energy efficiency. Started energy conservation work, in the relevant state policies to stimulate the drive, energy-saving motors and a number of energy-related industrial enterprises will be theglue gun beneficiaries. China's motor was more than 2 trillion kwh of electricity consumption, accounting for about 60% of electricity consumption, but energy efficient motors market share of less than 3% of the overall electrical system efficiency of about 20% lower than in developed countries. If the annual number of new motor and drive system are the use of energy efficient products, motor system optimization design, the annual saving of thousands of kilowatt hours,glue stick saving nearly 100 million tons of carbon dioxide, can effectively promote the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry.


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