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Attached to a Hospital of Suzhou University, information release system installed

    Attached to a Hospital of Suzhou University, Suzhou, also known as the First People's Hospital, Jiangsu Province, the provincial health department directly under the focus of the hospital, the Ministry of Health hospitals of central and southern regional medical guidance.


Interpretation of "Everyone bright lighting" channel policy success

    Recently, double-Ho Lee, general manager of lighting its own 3,000 square meters in person to the freight market supervision, "you bright lighting" energy saving light products loading and unloading work. This is his source of logistics in Dongguan in the wholesale energy business seven years in the seldom move.


The overall low-key luxury hotel green light shining Shanghai Exhibition

    The hotel is a beautiful night scenery in the city, all kinds of beautiful decorations, coupled with well-decorated light, lays out a picture to the people or the rich and atmospheric pieces, or warm and elegant and colorful picture.


Fukushima nuclear power plant reactor pressure vessel or broken

    March 28 evening, the Tokyo Electric Power Company and Japan Atomic Energy and Industry, Safety and Security Institute has announced that the first nuclear power plant is located in Unit 2 of Fukushima external water pipe shaft detected high levels of radiation dose, and after inspection, the Power Station Unit of the shafts 1,3 There is also water. The Tokyo Electric Power 28 for the first time mentioned, the reactor pressure vessel may be the damage.


Reading "Jin Zhiguo Management Log" decrypt Chinese management

    Into the second decade of the 21st century, China's GDP for the first time surpassed Japan, Japan held on for 42 years, the world's second largest economy in the "throne" for the first time easy to master Chinese, China has become the world's second largest economy . China's reform and opening up the thirty years, the world presents an economic development miracle.


U.S. existing 5.3 million patients with Alzheimer disease drug development road is long

    According to the American Alzheimer's Association, said the existing U.S. 530 million Alzheimer's patients, spends 172 billion U.S. dollars, from 2002 to 2006, mortality rates of Alzheimer's disease increased by 46%.

    The U.S. is developing Alzheimer's disease and related drugs are nearly 100 species, of which Alzheimer's disease treatment and prevention of drug 79 species, 18 kinds of cognitive diseases, drugs, dementia, 2 kinds of drugs, diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease Reagent 5.


The Japanese Government will develop LED lighting related specifications

   Lighting experts, recently Japan's Sumio come to Taiwan under the speech, he was on September 10 speech at the Taipei International Convention Center "LED normalize the latest trends and development in Japan tends to be" referred to, LED luminous efficiency of incandescent 7-8 , together with a comprehensive ban incandescent Japan in 2012, once the popularity of LED lighting, will reduce 3.4 million tons per year of carbon dioxide, no doubt for the Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon emissions to add a booster.


Campus Fire Safety Longxi Battalion build a strong "firewall"

     To strengthen the work of the school fire safety, comprehensive fire prevention and reduction of school incidents, carry out the "Big Five" to do well in school fire safety and the "Four Abilities" for school teachers and students to create a good environment for fire safety . March 22 afternoon, the fire brigade Longxi Longxi into one supervisory staff conduct fire safety inspections.


Large-scale manufacturing enterprises in the United States or to move out of Asia

   Recently reported that the face of rising costs of logistics and transportation, the majority of large U.S. manufacturing companies are considering the plant from low cost countries in Asia moved to the United States or Latin America.


Power equipment markets: China Electric Power transformer Perspective

    Recently, the world's leading power and automation technology group ABB announced that it will with the China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. cooperation, responsible for building its Nuozhadu - Guangdong HVDC converter station of a project design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of 800 kV high voltage DC transformer equipment.


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