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Infrared thermometer in the small application equipment inspection

    Abstract: The far-infrared temperature measurement technology is a new non-contact test technology,glue stick it has a measurement accuracy, non-contact, safe and reliable in the relevant industry has been widely used.


The development of high performance materials as the key success factors of aviation industry

    Since the beginning of this year, in order to ensure industrial growth in the Shaanxi provincial government under the leadership of the provincial departments together,glue stick the various measures used together, a number of grasping the opportunities for industrial growth objectives and the reality in our province the situation issued a series of measures to maintain growth,glue gun the province's industrial growth potential is effectively activated.

Acid battery Applications Overview and future development

    Central themes:

    Major categories of lead-acid batteries.
    The future development of lead-acid batteries.
    After a lead-acid battery development and improvement of over a hundred years has become a widely used chemical power, glue stick has a good reversibility, voltage characteristic smooth, long life, wide application and abundant raw materials (and renewable use) and cost low and so on. Mainly used in transportation, glue gun communications, electric power, railway, mining, ports, defense, computer, research and other economic fields, production and business activities of society and human life, an indispensable product.


OEM telematics to enhance environmental discourse

    According to iSuppli Corporation, the U.S. government issued new requirements to improve vehicle fuel efficiency standards, glue stick these standards are driving automotive manufacturers to use a variety of environmental remote information and communication technologies to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions.


WECO Terminal take the forefront in the large market

    With the growing demand for the domestic market, in recent years is the sudden emergence of terminals. They say that this is a miracle! The miracle of the creators are always people to talk about the center. So, looking back terminals business history, not only is the entrepreneur, glue stick there are some number of well-known agents, including Electronic Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xin country is not always in passing.


Interior decorative door hardware industry, the rapid development of a strong expansion of name

    Cover a wide range of interior decorative hardware, including furniture hardware, lock hardware, door and window hardware, plumbing hardware, bathroom hardware, lighting hardware, kitchen hardware, hand power tools hardware, electrical fittings and other hardware categories.

Vestas to push the new V112-3.0 MW wind turbine into the new coordinates the field

    As we all know, Vestas is the wind power industry, one of the most mature. 30 years, has made it the envy of the world's remarkable performance. In China,glue stick Vestas is the largest total installed capacity of wind turbine supplier for China's rapid development of wind power industry made an indelible contribution.

Can not find a bus fire extinguisher will be fined 1 million maximum

    If you can not find the fire extinguisher on the bus after, the bus belongs to the maximum fine of 1 million units. This is the implementation of the new next month, "Chongqing City,glue stick the Fire Services Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"), the newly added "public transport industry" content.


Guangdong mold industry moving to upgrade from low to high

    Guangdong is a province in the mold, the scale accounts for half of the country, the mold is also very high proportion of exports, but it is not mold, Guangdong province, in last year's financial crisis, Guangdong mold companies had a tough year, glue stick how The mold will be low-end industrial upgrading in Guangdong has become the industry's most eager to break the current mold of a problem.


U.S. Nexcelle large aircraft for the Chinese C919 engine nacelle

    December 21, 2009, Cincinnati, Ohio - Nexcelle (Nexcelle) will become the world's first truly integrated propulsion system of the core partners for the China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. (China Commercial Aircraft) C919 jet The LEAP-X1C models provide high-energy engine nacelle,glue stick thrust reverser and exhaust system.


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