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International oil prices Zoudie domestic quietly loose Comment: help ease inflation pressures

   According to the Voice of China "peak evening news" reported that since the end of May, the international crude oil prices down to maintain oscillation of the trend recently has dropped to 91.14 U.S. dollars / barrel. April 7,glue gun with $ 110.3 / barrel price, a drop of up to 17%.


Huaneng Power International transfer of biomass power plants indemnities 30 million yuan


     Huaneng Power International (600011) announcement, the company intends to 106.3 million yuan as the transfer of the price will be 100% interest in Jilin biotechnology company Huaneng Jilin transferred to the company.glue gun The transfer caused by 33.5832 million yuan of investment losses.


Development of photovoltaic solar rewarding football team orders for 5.6 billion

        23 from Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, was informed that the area 13 PV companies in the just concluded the Munich International Exhibition on Photovoltaic Solar rewarding experience, who won a total of 650 megawatts of intention to order, more than the total value of approximately $ 56 billion. Among them, six for the first time the participating companies,glue gun to "Development of photovoltaic group" has achieved fruitful results of collective appearance, the area accounted for all orders received orders Jiucheng.


Google to pursue wind power plants in California owned $ 102 million

         According to Taiwan media reports, Google and Citigroup announced Wednesday, the two sides will jointly invest in the construction of the previous wind power plants in California an additional $ 204 million fund, to be completed will become the nation's largest wind farm.


A taste of Nanjing Smart Grid: Laifeng Street One

    The iphone is in your hands to your portable assistant, your home's 3G TV seems to have left behind ... This is a smart carnival times, the real world and digital world is gradually converged, all kinds of imagined future life is a real show! Well, you heard of the smart grid it? You know how the smart grid will create the magic of it?


U.S. market demand for solar energy in 2011 doubled over last year


     The latest study reports that the federal and local government initiative, the U.S. solar power industry is developing rapidly, the market demand in 2011 is estimated to double over last year.


Huadian Jiayuguan 10 MW photovoltaic project successfully completed

   June 15, 2011 morning, Jiayuguan China Huadian 10MWp solar photovoltaic power generation projects a grid cum, three foundation-stone laying ceremony was held in Jiayuguan City, west of the Gobi Desert. Shanghai Aerospace Bureau, Pu Tiejun, vice minister of civil industry, jump left, general manager of aerospace electromechanical,glue gun vice president of Shanghai Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony Lv Yulong, which marks the Shanghai Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of large-scale photovoltaic power generation to achieve new breakthroughs .

2015 Tibetan electricity energy leaps and bounds to reach 95% coverage

    May 23, we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet. 60-year history of changes, 60 years of glorious development. Today's Tibet, is in the best period of development in history. 'Second five' to concentrate on during the 'eight to the farm' projects - water, electricity, roads, telecommunications, gas, radio and television, postal and beautiful environment. "Tibet Autonomous Region People's Government of President Lin Pema Red State Council Information Office on May 19 news conference that the central government's special concern for the strong support and the people in Tibet after the peaceful liberation of democratic reform, the establishment of autonomous regions, the reform open four historical stages, through the magnificent development process, creating a short six years, across thousands of miracles,glue gun to achieve a two spans: one is the social system of the cross, leapt from the feudal serfdom society capitalist system; a leap in economic and social development, poverty and backwardness to open from the closed off civilization.


"Solar king" Xiao Hua Qu: the European grasping in her hand

    In 2006, Canadian Solar in the Nasdaq market, which is the first in the U.S. market, operated by the Chinese solar PV companies. It is currently ranked sixth in the world, Dr. Hua Xiao Qu, chairman of 800 million net worth.

    Qu Xiao Hua is solar energy in the chain of all-round layout, Changshu, Suzhou, Luoyang, and are responsible for three components, cells and silicon chip R & D production in the traditional European markets, glue gun is actively exploring in Australia. Qu Xiao Hua said Artes future goal is the world's top three.


Beware of solar wind followed the steps should be standardized and improved early

     Three years of great development of wind power industry issues layers, so wind power rectification of the increasing calls. Solar energy - the eve of this great development of the industry in how to advance the layout, in order to avoid the wind's footsteps?


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