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Price war is no specialist lighting fittings industry

    Town of Dongguan Exhibition Fair lights lighting accessories boss Ma Yong some loss. He recently said in an interview to his consulting clients few booths, and raw material prices prevailing accessories industry, extensive production, vicious competition situation, so that his business feeling the pressure.


Large sea diving steel prices the lowest price in nearly three years

    Haikou steel prices big "diving."

    Every few days to fall to its lowest price in nearly three years.

    Series of steel prices this year, "diving" so that the sea is very depressed a number of business operators,glue stick yesterday, the reporter visited the steel market in the near Xiuying steel market and found many, many types of steel prices this year, all the way down.


International steel giants have invested in the upstream mining

    World steel industry ranked second and third place, two major Japanese steel giant Nippon Steel and Nippon Steel Engineering (JFE) to submit quotations for the joint bid for the Brazilian national ferrous metallurgy companies (CSN)'s Namisa iron ore, glue stick China Sha Steel also involved in the mining company's bid to change the international large group of other iron and steel also attract the participation of this bid, the offer will be over 10 billion U.S. dollars (equivalent to EUR 6.7 billion).


Impose export tariffs on 15% of aluminum against aluminum

    Aluminum exports increased substantially during the first half, is the direct cause of increased tariffs.

    The relatively large amplitude adjustment, before aluminum to export tariffs. Since last year, raised tariffs on exports of primary aluminum, primary aluminum exports under control during the first half of this year, but the surge in aluminum exports,glue stick exports of primary aluminum and aluminum rose nearly 60%. In this context, raising the export tariff policy introduced aluminum.


Sichuan Changhong: Third quarter total revenues of more than ten billion yuan

    October 28 morning news, Sichuan Changhong last night (October 27) released the results showed, in the third quarter, total revenues 10.695 billion U.S. dollars,glue stick up 26.45% over last year, net profit of 53.2033 million yuan, down 0.12 %.


Successful business innovation Box

    Technological innovation is the company's engines and boosters. However, most companies only see innovation when it knows what it is: Sony Walkman with (Walkman) opened the era of portable music; Federal Express hub of the system's first completely changed the package delivery industry; P & G with the invention fluoride toothpaste and other household items have become an indispensable part of modern life.

Laser processing technology, product and market analysis

    Laser processing technology has been supported by the state and promote the application of a high-tech, particularly the Government stressed the need to revitalize the manufacturing sector, which brought to the laser processing technology development opportunities.

Switzerland LEMO connector debut of the 2008 Beijing Olympic venues

    Switzerland LEMO connector debut of the 2008 Beijing Olympic venues

    - A perfect signal connectivity solution.

    August 8, 2008, the highly anticipated 2008 Beijing Olympic Games finally in the "Bird's Nest" had begun, hundreds of millions of television viewers watched the opening ceremony. glue stick Beijing Olympic Games is the first time in Olympic history for all to use HD broadcast sporting event, the grand high-definition broadcast images, a high degree of clarity, stereo surround, very realistic scene. But you know? When you are at home watching high-definition broadcast of the Olympic events, glue gun it is the connector from the Remo convey it all.


Fire Hazard Analysis of Internet cafes and fire prevention measures

    With economic development, people's living standards improve, Internet cafes, as a new class of public officers gathering places throughout the country developed rapidly,glue stick people all over the living space in every corner of enriching people's material and cultural life.

Application of plastics in all walks of life

    At present, in all market-oriented, customer-centric environment, in order to improve the competitiveness of their products, manufacturers have invested a great deal of energy in product performance, glue stick quality, low cost, and to maintain good profitability and low cost.


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