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“After the Olympics," Steel futures companies prepare for new era

    China Steel Industry Association executive vice president Luo has said that the introduction of steel futures in China in the Olympic Games time was determined after the end of 2008. Now the Olympics is over, the futures market for new varieties of the company's preparations have to push.

Butterfly structure and the problems in the course of

    At present, the butterfly as a piping system used to implement off and flow control components, has been in the petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, water, electricity and many areas are very widely used. In the butterfly valve has been publicly known technology, glue stick the seal forms a sealed structure, sealing material for rubber, PTFE and so on.

Deep anti-dumping way the future development of enterprises of Zhejiang Fasteners

    Customs recently learned from Jiaxing, Jiaxing City in the first half of this year exported 349,500 tons of steel fasteners, worth 418 million U.S. dollars, up respectively 12.8% and 42.9%.
    While maintaining the trend of volume and price go, but next month the EU would make a native Chinese steel fasteners preliminary anti-dumping,glue stick Jiaxing City, facing the vast majority of fastener may be punitive to impose high tariffs on the grim situation. Jiaxing fastener is able to withstand the pressure? How to find a way out under pressure?


PLC programmable automatic controller of the Development Research

    The rapid development of automation technology. Are in a era of rapid change. From semiconductors to consumer electronics, to automotive and aviation manufacturing and light industry and logistics industry, such as a variety of industries are facing increasingly intense global competitive pressures, they need to further reduce costs,glue stick shorten production cycle, and can speedy completion of the upgrading of products. The use of the latest automation technology to solve this series is an effective means of problem.


Iron and steel industry: steel prices after the Olympic Games will have better performance

    Domestic steel prices: the domestic steel prices continued to weaken this week, Carbon steel prices in all down. Changes from the monthly view, the main varieties of the domestic steel market fell slightly, but the three-month price changes of view prices are still strong.

Jiangyin export of machine tools into a new bright spot

    Since 2008, Jiangyin machine tool products to achieve the scale exports have been strong. 1 July total exports of 307 batches of 931 pieces (sets), the value of $ 22,580,300, compared with last year, exports rose nearly Qi Cheng, Jiangyin has become the first million dollars of exports over unit electrical and mechanical varieties.glue stick Jiangyin machine The main products are metal hydraulic shears, balers, bending machines.


Valve industry leader in the development of nuclear energy to benefit

    Although oil prices fell, but the new energy development is still the focus of future development, nuclear energy development as a preferred energy future of new energy will enter a peak stage of development, it can be concerned about the background of nuclear stocks.

China's special steel technology development project started

    By the China Iron and Steel Research Institute Group, TISCO Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation, Shanghai University and other large steel mills and research institutes to undertake, has launched the national "high-quality special steel technology development" project R & D projects,glue stick and it includes "LNG technology development project with the low-temperature steel," "ultra-supercritical thermal power boiler tubes with the key technology development" and "high-quality die steel forgings key technology development" and 9 sub-projects.


Germany Maldives to provide accurate measurement tools for mold making

    As the first European production of caliper and micrometer measurement of the factory, Malta,glue stick Germany and the automotive industry has always insisted on the actual needs of the development strategy of combining for more than 60 countries and regions worldwide automobile manufacturing plants and die manufacturers to provide accurate and reliable measurement tools and measurement solutions.


Domestic and international market development of non-bearing motor Talking

    Institute of Electrical and Information Engineering, Jiangsu University, Huang-Qiu Zhu and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich with Professor J. Hugel successfully developed the world's first non-bearing power of 4kW permanent magnet slice motor industry prototype.


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