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Laser technology applications in daily life

    The world's first laser was born in 1960, China in 1961 developed the first laser, 40 years, the rapid development of laser technology and applications, the combination of multiple disciplines has been formed with the multiple application technology, such as photovoltaic technology , photon laser medical and biology, laser processing, laser detection and measurement technology.

U.S. stocks are expected to help the automotive industry has been rising strongly

    NBD News: U.S. stocks rose strongly on Tuesday, regaining some lost ground yesterday's plunge, the Dow fell 680 points yesterday. Car manufacturers to submit to Congress a plan to restore profitability of the business in order to obtain government assistance.glue stick The Dow rose 3.3%, the S & P 500 index rose 4%, the Nasdaq rose 3.7%.


E-Knowledge: SMT reflow soldering technology and introduced

    Welding technology in the assembly of electronic products play a very important position. General welding divided into two categories: one is mainly used in through-hole electronic components and PCB welding - wave, the so-called wave soldering (wavesoldering) that is, the soft solder melting solder, the electric pump or electromagnetic pump jet peak solder into the design requirements, glue stick so pre-equipped with electronic components of the PCB through the solder wave crest to achieve components with the PCB solder pad or pin end of mechanical and electrical connection between the soft solder welding.

Several best management training tool

    Management training can contribute to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, improve the management of enterprise-wide level. Improve enterprise management level should be followed at least an objective fact. Enterprise has its own set of training tools seem to improve the management, but with the development of enterprises,glue stick management training tools, updates are very necessary.


Chinese petroleum equipment manufacturing is entering the road of international standardization

    "China is entering the international standardization of petroleum equipment manufacturing the road," Not long ago, first held in China petroleum and petrochemical equipment standardization of the international seminar, a foreign expert said. glue stick His views resonate in the hall, because this sentence just sums up our work for oil equipment when the standard state.


The passing rate the quality of wire and cable products, why low levels

    Wire and cable in China, deputy director of Quality Supervision, Inspection Wu Changshun, in 2008 China wire and cable industry report by the General Assembly, said wire and cable can not be optimistic about the overall product quality,glue stick our level of quality wire and cable products decreased year by year, product quality at a low hover state .


Medium-sized CNC machine tool installation and acceptance testing

     1. Early in place and connect the main machine.

    Users should be in the machine before the arrival of the machine tool manufacturers to provide basic tools to do basic map,glue stick the site of the installation bolt holes do reserved. When the CNC machine tools shipped to the user, according to procedures to machine parts out of the box shipped to the installation site. Then, according to the instructions described in the composition of the major machine components are in place in the foundation. In place, the horn,glue gun adjust the pads and anchor bolts and other appropriate condemnation.


Frequency electric actuator in the Thermal Power Plant

    I. Overview.

    Electric actuator is converted into mechanical energy to electrical energy, drag a variety of production machinery of the most important and most basic tools, due to production requirements and the need for energy saving,glue stick adjustable speed electric actuator has been the object of study to become science and technology personnel Its applications are increasingly widespread.

Dongguan, Guangdong, Shenzhen Han's Laser Ming combined laser and set up a new company

    WASHINGTON Dongguan in the world are show for Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong Ming "married" to the domestic industry, the boss of laser equipment, Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen. Guangdong,glue stick Guangdong, the newly established Ming Han Technology Co., Ltd. Laser officially announced today the cooperation information.


Start the Ministry of Commerce manufacturing industry to maintain the safety warning system damage

    To strengthen the government and key enterprises, industry associations (chambers) of the communication and exchange,glue stick to help businesses deal with the financial crisis, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry to further enhance industrial competitiveness, the Ministry of Commerce Bureau of Industry Injury Investigation, China Machinery Industry Federation in 2008, 12 May 26, 2008, jointly convened by damage to machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, early warning information briefing.


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