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Hot products of laser processing technology and market outlook

    This article describes several hot-selling products of laser processing machine,glue stick and the market prospect.

    Laser processing technology has been supported by the state and promote the application of a high-tech, particularly the Government stressed the need to revitalize the manufacturing sector,glue gun which brought to the laser processing technology development opportunities. Formulation of the national long-term development plans, in turn laser processing as a key supporting technology, because it involves national security, national defense, high-tech industrialization and the development of frontier science and technology, which the laser processing to a high degree of attention to the laser processing machine will also manufacture and upgrading of great business opportunities.


Wind power industry urgently break the bottleneck

    Just a few months ago, the media was full of wind power, such as recreating a "Land of the Three Gorges" and the like rhetoric, but in the end of August high-level position,glue stick said wind power and other emerging industries tend to duplicate the construction, the various versions of the concerns overnight they have run out, said the new energy industry "and Hot" those who have, say China's wind power industry will be "collapse" of those who have.

The flourishing of new technology smart card contending war heroes peak

    Smart Card in China after years of development, from the application point of view, three trends are now showing, one smart card in the country continued to show vigorous growth and start from urban to rural penetration, the second is used in smart cards to the real "more than one card with a" glue stick direction to continue into the third, smart cards, "a multi-purpose card" is gradually to the "mobile payment" to side.

Wan fire first appeared to be publicity vehicles 72 meters aerial ladders repurchase

    Three car collision caused the big bang, high-rise fire emergency ... ... September 25, Dongguan City, contest, held the closing ceremony of the first fire service cum business to report the fire show, fire show Tiejun amazing skills on the spot and excellent quality.


Persevere to improve the technological level of die casting industry

    In recent years, with the car and motorcycle, electronic appliances, instruments, toys, lamps and other great development of the industry, coupled with global sourcing castings, die-casting industry in China's development has entered a new stage. glue stick Die-casting production has expanded rapidly and the quality of the production of die castings have become increasingly demanding.


NDRC: Polysilicon production of high pollution and high energy consumption does not exist

    More than two months ago, as the basis of the information industry and the photovoltaic industry's polysilicon materials,glue stick was recognized ten departments jointly issued a document placed under excess capacity and high energy consumption and high pollution products.

High level of electrical power acquired by the State containing the mystery

     Large-scale acquired from the State Grid Corporation of high levels of electrical and XJ Electric two listed companies have more than a few months old,glue stick so many good memories of that day the two companies are all gone against the tide fell, the high level electric is the day the largest decline in a stock.


Li Junfeng: The production of polysilicon is misread as a high-energy

    Li Junfeng, deputy director of the Energy Research Institute polysilicon products to clarify the "double high."

    More than two months ago, as the basis of the information industry and the photovoltaic industry's polysilicon materials,glue stick was recognized ten departments jointly issued a document placed under excess capacity and high energy consumption and high pollution products. In this regard, the National Energy Research Institute, Li Junfeng, glue gun deputy director of the "2009 Clean Energy Summit", said the high energy consumption for the production of polysilicon as a misreading of polysilicon production is not the presence of high energy consumption and high pollution. Polysilicon Production in the current "double high" due to production problems behind.


2009 machine tool industry, electric power equipment demand analysis

     State Council on the decision to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, will greatly speed up the development process of China's equipment manufacturing industry, in particular, the key support of sixteen national key scientific projects,glue stick such as large-scale power generation, power transmission equipment, large-scale petrochemical and coal chemical equipment, of mining equipment, complete sets of rolling equipment,glue gun large marine vessels, high-speed trains and civil aircraft and engines, etc., need to raise a large number of heavy-duty, precision, multi-axis, high efficiency, dedicated processing of CNC machine tools.


Diesel engine manufacturers Description: Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.

    CPC is located in Jinan, Shandong Jinan Diesel Engine Landscape "Changqing" economic development zone. 2100 employees working with the international advanced level engine R & D and testing facilities,glue stick high flexibility, the core component of CNC machining equipment and perfect quality testing and chemical equipment. Annual output of high-power internal combustion engines and more than 5,000 units. Operating income in 2008 exceeded 1.3 billion.


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