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Price: Nanjing civil tap water does not increase prices before Spring Festival

    Civil tap water, natural gas prices late last year plans to be an emergency stop. That year, at the tune it? When adjusted?
    Parking within 10 minutes free parking, why some car parks can say "no"? Yesterday, Nanjing Price Bureau Xu Ning,glue stick deputy director of guest Longhu Wang Yang Ziqing other "voice of the people about" issues with the public on the exchange price.


Printing and packaging industry in the development of the enterprise networking market have

    Currently, the set of radio, television, newspapers function in one of the news online media, plus interactive features of Internet users, the charm of the future network will gradually surfacing.
    Indeed, the network's influence, glue stick through the search engines, e-commerce, the effect of raising brand awareness can be described as immediate; network of interactive, public relations for the network, network marketing, customer relationship maintenance, and sales to form the chain, the brand promotion, Feedback banded together to build consumer brand loyalty. Thus, the advantages of the network for the brand to do the "awake", prices are good benefits have come into being.


Price Bureau, Zhejiang Province: water, electric power price adjustment to be Civil Hearing


    Price Bureau 11, disclosed in Zhejiang, the province announced the pricing of the Board hearing the latest catalogs, from now on residential electricity consumption, the high Pu-run fee pricing in 10 categories of projects subject to public hearings, seriously listen to people's advice or recommendations.


State Grid lead "sea" good sports equipment suppliers International

    National Grid recently reported that the "five-second" construction planning objectives, plans by 2015 revenues of more than 2 trillion yuan, total profit of 700 billion yuan, total assets exceeded 3 trillion yuan.


500 billion nuclear power equipment market, three companies benefited from the cake is taking shape

    Recently, Dongfang Electric, China and other large power equipment for a re-disclosure of business has received the largest single nuclear power equipment. However, in the case of full order, the existing nuclear power equipment manufacturers are still difficult to meet the requirements of the construction progress of the domestic nuclear power. The next decade, a huge expansion of nuclear power installed capacity of nuclear power equipment, glue stick 500 billion market cake early embryo.


Safe use of agricultural machinery Notes

    1, farm machinery hanging rope is not strong weight. When the common people in the maintenance of tractors with hemp rope, nylon rope, belt and other crane unloading the engine, transmission, agricultural machinery that is very safe.

The use of air to the new technology: Using air to charge the phone

    The popularity of mobile phones amazingly fast, which it has to meet people such as excellent communication and convenient functions closely related to the rapid price decline is also inseparable from the phone. But there is one fact that often lead to unhappiness, embarrassment or even delay the work, it is often due to machine cell phone battery runs out, so call and so interrupted.


Breakthroughs in new energy power batteries in China highlights the bottleneck

   New energy vehicles has become the world's attention to high-tech industries, and national policies, planning and implementation of the introduction, marking China's energy-saving and new energy automotive industry will face a historic opportunity for optimal development.

Krones filling plastic bottle of beer equipment

xxc    The key lies in oxygen uptake.

    Demonstrate a variety of information, domestic and international beer market is about to enter a plastic bottle of beer, including the sale of a small flask of hot filling period. It is reported that in 2005, PET bottle beer filling beer sales volume worldwide will reach 3.5%.


PV inverter to achieve the Powerware electrical and power generation company

    The field of solar photovoltaic in the world, using the sun have a "V" effect of sunlight directly into electricity. If the inexhaustible power of the grid directly, it would be the benefit of all scientific and technological revolution.


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