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Leveraging innovative nuclear power "heart" of geometric growth

    These days, Shanghai Electric Machine Factory first independent manufacture key equipment for the nuclear island - Hongyanhe Unit 1 reactor components are ready acceptance of the factory, which is China's first generation of improved equipment to achieve all 2 localization.

A vehicle traveling data recorder of the anti-jamming design analysis

    Source of interference on the car.

    Load on vehicle electrical systems varied, both the small resistance, the resistance sexy high current loads, there are low current, high voltage pulse generating device, as well as high-frequency oscillator signal source,glue stick which not only is the potential interference of foreign launch source, but also on-board electronics interference.

A new era of green office environment and excellent performance NEC M230X +

    In order to meet the social development of low carbon green theme, with higher environmental performance of the projection equipment projector market has become mainstream. NEC recently launched by the international giant, glue stick a new generation of electrical business projector M230X + is such a product, with high environmental performance, for the majority of business people to create a new era of green office.


Industrial party called for government subsidies each with a fire extinguisher

    The opening of CPPCC session, the proposal submitted by members, focused public concern, and made many valuable opinions and suggestions.
    To the fire last year, the issue of concern, the Commission's proposal Fuzhou industrial party, said the fire is generally residential electrical fires caused by careless use of fire and life, and if every family and to skillfully operate a fire extinguisher, glue stick fire can be timely early extinguished. Proposal recommends that the Government may be appropriate to subsidize, and promote home fire extinguisher into the house.


Wireless Smart Home opened broad prospects for the new era

    Are you still looking to get up the dark night, switching and fed it? Whether you switch to cable because of the location can not be changed, and give up like the decoration style?
    1.3 billion people, China now has more than 100 million domestic customers intelligent home, the average cost of 1,000 yuan each year,glue stick there are 1,000 billion market. In fact, market research data show that emotional and persistence are consumer groups, the annual per capita household spending far more than 1,000 yuan.


Abengoa built the world's largest information gathered by the solar power station

    Spanish solar thermal power technology developer Abengoa gather solar energy company has been providing the U.S. Department of Energy for 14.5 billion dollars in loan guarantees to help build the world's largest gathering of its solar power plant with an installed capacity of about 250 MW.

Railway "second five" targeted benefit shares or start

    National railway work conference was held, a clear "second five" objectives and tasks. Analysts pointed out that investment in railway construction during the second five lines will continue at a high level, making the railway construction, construction machinery and other investments will be implemented in order to enter the peak, investors can follow the high-speed rail and rail transit industry chain looking for investment opportunities.


High-speed rail will be laid to China via Laos and Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

    China High Speed Rail feast ball opportunities.

    Since 2011, a departure from China, passes through Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and finally to start building high-speed rail line, which will be the next high-speed rail enterprise growth.


Tips for home audio use the tips need to know

    First, the power amplifier heat.

    This phenomenon is normal, be careful not to place other items in the power amplifier (such as DVD, tablecloths, etc.) it is easy to heat.

    Second, the speaker no sound.


Jinan: New Year's holiday clothing be the focus of quality complaints

    New Year and Spring Festival this year time to close, so the New Year holiday is the consumption of relatively small concentration of the holiday. Jinan City, the business sector learned from the new years day, Jinan City, Command Center received 12,315 complaints and reports, consumer complaints and reports 624,glue stick the consumer advice amounted to 97.76%, which is a home appliance service and quality of clothing the focus of inquiries and complaints.


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