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« Hanzhengjie repeated calls for strict implementation of the fire control system Specialty printing market will be continued growth in emerging »

Hu Jintao will meet in the United States and other leaders of DuPont Dow

    According to reports, 18 local time, President Hu Jintao attended the evening just to meet him by the Obama family dining room in the White House private dinner held and is scheduled the afternoon of 19 met with Obama in the White House, Dow, DuPont GE CEO of 14 U.S. companies and four executives in China.

    Reported that Obama would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the increase in exports to China and the importance of investing in the U.S., both government and business fixed relationship, and promote bilateral trade can be described as dual.

    It is reported that the meeting be invited to the CEO, including, General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt (JeffImmelt),glue stick DuPont CEO Kuhlman (EllenKullman), Dow Chemical (DowChemical) the Liweiruisi (AndrewLiveris).

    GE will pay in Chengdu Recruiting "is a force."
    Yesterday, General Electric (GE) research and development center in China to Chengdu, President Chen announced to the edge, GE will be in Chengdu to build the world's first innovation center, and plans this year, the society and innovation center for the recruitment of fresh graduates about 380 applications engineers, glue gun in the medical, oil and gas, automatic control and other fields of research and development.

   Introduction to the force, according to Chen, "GE's business innovation center in Chengdu mainly related to health care, oil and gas, and intelligent platform, and several other areas, we had inspected more than a dozen cities across the country, but in the medical, business platform, our business in Chengdu soft spot, agreed that the economic environment in Chengdu, innovation environment, human environment, especially for development in these areas first. "

   Chen said the force, the next three years, GE R & D and innovation in China, the Centre for 5 billion dollars of funds, currently in Chengdu, located in the center of innovation, and strive to operate during the year.

   With the innovation center in Chengdu, the lead, GE plans this year, for the social and innovation center for the recruitment of fresh graduates about 380 applications engineers, such as system engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers. Yesterday, Chen declined to force a specific salary level, but that "peers in the industry is very competitive."

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