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« 11th Electric Fun Festival moved into the still warm and exhibitors HP's five new members of the Board of four directors of change left »

Ministry of Public Security to Mo event requires security to enhance the level of the spring

     The evening of January 24, Moscow, Russia Domodedovo Airport after the terrorist attacks of explosion, State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Meng Jianzhu request further implement strict security measures to ensure the safety and the Spring Festival Spring Festival security. 25 morning, the Ministry of Public Security held an emergency video conference,glue stick to further close the safety precautions, really good job in security work during Spring Festival and Chinese New Year re-deployment, re-implemented.

    Ministry of Public Security Vice Minister Huang told the meeting that the public security organs at all levels to further close the safety precautions, really good job in security work during Spring Festival and Spring Festival.glue gun To further enhance the airport, railway, subway, terminal, long-distance bus stations and other key parts of the security check, to enhance the security level, enhance the overall security measures. Further strengthen the water, electric heat, radio, television, postal communications and other key units and hospitals, shopping malls and other crowded places of security, the implementation of security responsibilities, the implementation of prevention and treatment. Large-scale mass activities to further strengthen security work to ensure that during the Spring Festival, held around the events and activities safe and smooth discharge of fireworks.

    Huangming Jiang stressed that at present, the spring has reached a critical moment, a new round of snow and ice storms broadly, the public security organs, especially the traffic control department must continue to make early response, science should work together to effectively deal with the experience and further Bao Changtong do all the work to ensure safety, prevent the occurrence of major accidents and the long, long traffic jam. To further standardize the work of law enforcement duties, to provide convenient services for the people to return home, safe home for the holiday to ensure a smooth mass.

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