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11th Electric Fun Festival moved into the still warm and exhibitors

    The 11th China Culture Festival Organizing Committee announced the electrical, the exhibition will be held Feb. 9 at the Music Exhibition Road into the town square at dawn, a period of three days. Exhibition area of more than 3 million square meters, about 1,500 standard booths, 500 exhibitors, of which more than 20 international brands, glue stick more than 80 foreign enterprises.

    According to the current commander in chief Huang Zhongping electrical Festival introduced the exhibition to reflect the openness and inclusiveness, this session of the exhibition in addition to the small electrical appliances enterprises play the leading role science and technology innovation, but also to absorb, including the electronics industry, drilling industry, shipbuilding, agriculture such as the diversity of industries, the exhibition theme of "science and technology, green development."

    "No to the exhibition Willow City, was forced to move into music." Zhejiang Zheng Yuan Bao Electrical Industry Association, said the Chinese Cultural Festival as the electrical appliance industry, glue gun the annual Willow City, drama, held this year to move into music, it is helpless. But for now, all over the country and remains enthusiastic exhibitors, which also proved after 10 years of accumulation of electrical cultural festivals, domestic and international impact has been very significant.

    Zheng Yuan Bao said at the meeting scheduled for electrical Cultural Festival held annually the first month of the seventh day, the main object is for the millions of Yueqing outside sales force. But with the influence of electrical Cultural Festival has expanded each year, the object will be expanded to a global electrical industry giants and marketing elite, there is an urgent need for international professional exhibition, and this exhibition should also be closely integrated Electric Willow City industry. He believes that the regional economy from Yueqing, the music became political and cultural center, Willow City, should the manufacture, exhibition, shopping centers, to form a balanced development.

    Festival of ex situ electrical current exhibition, the majority of exhibitors accepted the views of Zheng Yuan Bao, but there are some exhibitors took a different view. 30 booths have been booked Mike Cai Jianmin, President of Power Technology, said electrical prestigious festival in the end or in the music in the willow into the host city, I do not think he core of the problem, the key emphasis of government departments. After all, whether or music into Willow City, are in Yueqing.

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