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« Inorganic pigments brought to the front of environmental protection Temperature investment in the lighting industry continuously into external resources »

The main function of polymer coatings and application of

    The polymer-based coatings. Coating to the surface coating is, and can form a tough protective film material, collectively, the majority of viscous liquid, vegetable oil-based system for early as it is known as paint.
    Modern painting is beyond the scope of the species, mainly in natural or synthetic polymer materials have, collectively referred to as polymer coating.

    Main functions.

    ① protected object,glue stick the object surface from the atmosphere, oceans, soil, chemical media corrosion, prevent or mitigate surface directly affected by the friction and impact, thereby extending the life of the object;

    ② given object surface cleanliness and beauty;

    ③ adjustment or improvement of the surface of the electrical equipment, optical, thermal insulation, sound insulation,glue gun fire-retardant, heat, mildew, dirt, signs, camouflage, radiation and other properties.

    The main application.

    Polymer coating can be coated in a variety of metal, wood, concrete, leather, plastic, rubber, paper, fiber and other organic or inorganic material surface, is not material, shape, volume size limit, without affecting the original equipment the nature, widely used in industrial, construction, aircraft manufacturing, aerospace industry, and wood and so on. For ease of construction, often made of primer paint, putty, two pulp, paint (paint) and the different types of varnish, supporting the use of. During the construction, the first will want to be painted in the object plane surface treatment before coating, and then using different construction methods, such as brushing, wiping, scraping, rolling, dipping, flow, and electrostatic spray, fluidized, electrophoresis, coil coating, Airless spray, and other new technology, often baking temperature or heat or radiation curing drying so that film, and sometimes be subject to modification, grinding, polishing film can only be required.

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