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« Hu Jintao will meet in the United States and other leaders of DuPont Dow Inorganic pigments brought to the front of environmental protection »

Specialty printing market will be continued growth in emerging

    According to the latest survey of international commitments to send report: in India, China, Russia, Brazil, Turkey and Poland and other emerging markets, led by specialty in the next 5 years to maintain rapid growth. Among them, the fastest growth in India in 2010 to 2015 the average annual compound growth rate up to 5.5%.

    Specialty paper market has long been regarded as a "niche market", but its average profit is higher than normal,glue stick and in the past few years, the price is also very stable. The most prominent feature is the specialty production of small, complex and expensive process. According to reports, the survey sent Connaught international specialty applications including decoration, flexible packaging, printing, filtration, electrical, and security.

    Developed markets become saturated.

    Connaught School International in the report that there are signs that Western Europe, Japan and the U.S. specialty market is saturated, and is likely to stagnate. In some developed countries such as Spain and the UK market,glue gun the specialty paper production has shown a significant downward trend. 2010 to 2015, paper in Western Europe and Japan, the average annual compound growth rate will be 0.7% and 0.1%.

    Global economic recession is the specialty paper industry in 2010, is most concerned about. It not only caused a decline in consumer demand, but also affected the way consumers purchase specialty paper. School Connaught International's research shows that those products are mostly wide variety of specialty paper plants survived, and those who focus only on certain kinds of products, specialty paper production plant is difficult.

    Pending development of developing country markets.

    In contrast, India, China, Russia, Brazil, Turkey and Poland and other emerging market countries are not subject to the impact of the recession, moving away from dependency on foreign export markets in favor of development of the rapid growth of the domestic market. It is predicted that China, India, Russia, Brazil, Turkey and Poland will continue to maintain high economic growth. Adam sent the chief editor of the International Peizhi Connaught, said: "These emerging markets specialty paper consumption per capita is not high, but with their life needs change, these countries will increase the demand for specialty paper, and to paper industry in developed countries to bring the Gospel. "

    On a global scale, folding cartons and flexible packaging is the largest specialty paper applications, followed by inkjet, labels and notes. But also depends on the specific application of each country's dependence on paper-based solutions, after all, specialty paper market is also facing some new challenges of the situation. In some areas, specialty paper from the polymers to face fierce competition, while in other areas, such as decorating market, the wallpaper will have to accept the challenge of paint, protective packaging and paper bag or sack with the canvas contend, sandpaper then have to cope with the impact of metal grinding disc.

    The fastest growth in demand for packaging.

    Connaught International is expected to send in the next 5 years, folding cartons, protective packaging and labeling areas of fastest growth in demand for specialty paper, mainly due to increased consumption in emerging markets; and with the increase in business activities, emerging inkjet and thermal paper market demand will increase; emerging countries will contribute to the increase in number of vehicles the engine filtration and consumer demand for industrial filtration products; In addition, most emerging countries are hoping to get more note paper and printing paper, carried out in these countries the infrastructure construction will increase to some extent, the use of insulating paper. With the increase in disposable income, consumers want to enjoy a variety of life, their tobacco, art paper, photo, wallpaper and gift wrap will be a corresponding increase in demand.

    Peizhi explained: "For developed countries in terms of paper mills and paper processing plants, we must strive to maintain their quality image in emerging countries, where there will be more and more consumers choose to buy high-quality products . "Moreover, in other countries, some specialty paper will be favored, such as synthetic paper and industrial filter paper.

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