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Temperature investment in the lighting industry continuously into external resources

    Lighting industry has become a hot land for investment, it attracts a steady flow of external resources into, the reality of the industry earnings and prospects have a strong appeal.

    The first decade of the 21st century, from 2000 TCL Group, TCL Lighting Electrical Appliance Company was founded in 2010 established the United States and the United States and the acquisition of Jiangxi Electric lighting of your elegant, this decade is precisely Lighting industry booming years,glue stick this development is not just reflected in the lighting industry of endogenous growth, more prominent is the influx of external forces, during which abundance of well-known venture capital companies and some of the entry, making the industry continues to inject new resources been the development of unconventional. This is rare in other industries, on the contrary, many mature industries not only failed to enter the external forces that are gradually withdrawing from existing resources.

    Years into the lighting industry from external forces, basically there are three cases, one strength of enterprises to seek new economic growth points; Second, venture capital looking for investment opportunities. glue gun These external forces make the lighting industry to join an ever-growing, more dynamic, showing a complex pattern of development; third is the traditional development of new business enterprises in transition.

    Electronic enterprises, especially keen to enter the lighting industry. TCL in 2000 as an external force can be said to open the first of its kind to enter the lighting industry, and it has done is impressive lighting business. 2010 Skyworth Group to enter the lighting industry, the recent investment will be held in the town. Many successful diversification is the common choice of medium and large enterprises, some enterprises are not satisfied with the profitability of the existing industrial scale, trying to find new economic growth point, they all fancy lighting industry.

    Konka Group spontaneously into the lighting industry, suggesting that the TV industry in Guangdong, "Three Musketeers" are already into the lighting industry. Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic famous TV business in Japan in 2004 to establish a joint venture Village Island Village Island Lighting Co., Ltd. Xiamen Overseas Chinese to open up the domestic market. Known audio companies NIVS Huizhou and Shenzhen have three commitments in 2005 and 2008 into the lighting industry. Haier is the beauty of the two major white goods giant Haier LED lights last year, winning the lighting capital of Cuba, suggesting that Haier has entered the lighting industry. The United States in 2008 to set up a high-profile into the lighting industry, lighting division, the formal establishment of an independent this year, the United States Electric Lighting Co., Ltd., invested 500 million yuan acquisition of considerable strength of the Jiangxi Elegant Lighting Co., Ltd. of your shows in the lighting industry to create another "America's" brand ambitions.

    In the IT industry, in October 2008, Tsinghua University was established with the side with the party invested 80 million Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., and invested 35 million acquisition of Singapore Tinggi 60% stake in the company, thus the development of LED lighting industry. Old wave of IT enterprises in Shandong Shandong Huaguang Electronics China Group Investment Limited, to become its controlling shareholder, from large-scale development of LED lighting industry, product line covers the middle and lower reaches. IT enterprises generally have advanced technology and innovation team, so the development of LED lighting industry's aspiration is also high, typically involve upstream LED chips, which for the lighting industry, the impact of the development of more powerful force. Recently, a listed company Tiantonggufen and three have good technology announcement shows that the development of LED lighting industry to invest.

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