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HP's five new members of the Board of four directors of change left

    Beijing January 21, according to foreign media reports, Hewlett-Packard on Thursday announced the Board of Directors has appointed five new members, the appointment from 21 January effect. This makes the HP board of directors temporarily reached 17. But in March the Annual General HP, the number of directors will be reduced to 13.

    The five newly appointed board members are Schmitt @ Banei Ji (ShumeetBanerji), Booz & Company CEO; Gary @ Reina (GaryReiner), former General Electric chief information officer, currently serves as Special Adviser to private equity firms GeneralAtlantic; @ Patricia Russo (PatriciaRusso), the former Alcatel - Lucent CEO; glue stick Dominica @ Cenis Quayle (DominiqueSenequier), AXAPrivateEquity CEO; and Meg @ Whitman (MegWhitman), former eBay CEO and CEO. The five new board members also will be available this March's annual shareholder meeting in involved in HP's re-election.

    In addition, HP also announced that current board member Joey @ He Yate (JoelHyatt), John @ Joyce (JohnJoyce), Robert @ Ryan (RobertRyan) and Lu Qieli @ Saha Ni (LucilleSalhany) will not be in the company's annual shareholders general election.

    HP's non-executive chairman Raymond @ Larne (RaymondJ.Lane) said: "Add a new Board of Directors will further diversify HP already has outstanding talent and rich resume. Above every new board members are widely respected, experienced business leaders,glue gun who together for HP board and management team to rapidly changing business and technology industry with new insights and perspectives. "

    Rahn also referred to you for the background of the new board members. He said: "Schmitt @ Banei Ji is a very respected strategy consultant, he can bring to HP's board of directors of international, financial, operational and management experience, as well as companies and governments around the world face the problem of mature and emerging markets the real view. Gary @ Reina will be our board of directors were an important voice on behalf of clients, he was a successful IT services to help multinational companies and has a deep understanding of, and in many large organizations, strategic management, information technology and best strategy has several years of experience. "

    Rahn went on to say: "Patricia @ Russo is a senior executive, he has extensive global business experience, has a unique understanding of technology industry and has strong management, operations and coaching skills. Dominica @ Seney Quayle is a highly respected and influential financial experts, he can bring a broad international perspective, a strong financial wisdom, and focus on long-term performance. Meg Whitman is a @ bit true visionaries and thinkers, she can bring to the HP board of directors business transformation, to create a global brand and promote the continued growth and expansion of the unique experience. "

    Rahn concluded: "I believe that HP shareholders, customers and employees will benefit from their wisdom and perspective, I look forward to the time to explore development opportunities in front of the entire board and management team with close cooperation."

    Schmitt @ Banei Ji, aged 51, served as a global management consulting firm Booz & Company's chief executive, has recently been focused on the global impact of demographic changes and financial institutions for the government to provide advisory services. Gary @ Reyna, 56, private equity firms GeneralAtlantic special adviser for the company and its global partners to provide strategic advice, had previously served as the General Electric Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Services, corporate vice president of business development and other duties.

    @ Patricia Russo, 58, has served as Alcatel - Lucent CEO, chairman and CEO of Lucent Technologies and other duties, also worked at EastmanKodak, Avaya, AT & T and IBM office. Dominica @ Seney Quayle, 57, chief executive of private equity firms AXAPrivateEquity. @ Meg Whitman, 54, served from 1998 to 2008 in the global e-commerce payments company as president and CEO of eBay for 10 years.

    Four directors will not stand for re-election.

    Rahn said: "Over the years, Joey @ He Yate, John @ Joyce, Robert Ryan and Lu Qieli @ @ Sa Hani are invaluable for the Hewlett-Packard provides a service to our business of providing their insights to HP , advice and help much appreciated. The director of HP through the unremitting efforts made over the past six months to get through a difficult period of leadership change. "

    Robert @ Ryan said: "The HP board of directors for the service to witness this outstanding company as a technology leader and innovator, which is a supreme honor. Hewlett-Packard in the technology industry's transformation in the development and profitability of the favorable opportunity, and I I believe the CEO and Chairman of the Board Xila En Li Aike under the leadership of HP strong leadership team will continue to drive the company forward. "

    HP Board of Directors will nominate the following shareholders at the annual shareholder meeting to run for re-election: Raymond @ Larne, Mark @ Anderson (MarcL.Andreessen), Li Aike (LeoApotheker), Lawrence @ Ba Biao (LawrenceT.Babbio, Jr.), Surrey @ Baldauf (SariM.Baldauf), Rajiv Gupta @ (RajivL.Gupta), John @ Hamme Green (JohnH.Hammergren) and Kennedy @ Thompson (G. KennedyThompson).

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