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Inorganic pigments brought to the front of environmental protection

    A few years ago shocked the world of the Mattel toy recalls, it is because of lead paint found in toys, in violation of relevant foreign laws and regulations.
    Recently, glue stick excessive blood lead, lead contamination and other frequently published in the paper side, especially in the beginning of this year 228 children in Anhui was detected after the blood lead poisoning cases, heavy metals once again touched the public nerve, causing the industry to environmental protection pigments and application of concern.

    Journalists in the survey interview that, either from environmental regulations in the state or the market demand, improve the environmental safety of inorganic pigments, lead-free enterprise has been widely recognized by the industry, but domestic producers of inorganic pigments in this is a rare breakthrough in the field, glue gun downstream users still fancies state.

    China Coating Industry Association, said the Secretary-General Wang Yue-kun, coatings production in China is expected to last up to 10 million tons, the scale is the largest, but still has to import high-end products, paints a low level of environmental protection is an important reason. "China-made green the new color paint companies can not meet the growing domestic needs." Yue Wang Kun emphasized.

    Masterbatch China Dyestuff Industry Association Professional Committee of the Secretary-General Qiao Hui also said that currently the only two capable of producing pigment masterbatch with the environmental protection business, far from meeting the needs of enterprises of many masterbatch.

    Domestic products can not meet the needs of downstream users, rely on imports, is bound to be controlled by others. Shanghai to New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Porcelain Dragon Dr. Li Lifeng said: "The paint is a high-end environmentally friendly products, the company has been importing foreign pigments, foreign suppliers once a sudden out of stock on the grounds that their products for the military to the field, and made us helpless . there is a high-end products to import from abroad, the country imported products can not have this type of directory can not enter. "

    Currently, many countries in the strict environmental regulations constrained, non-toxic, lead and cadmium can replace the traditional color pigments mixed phase environment-friendly inorganic pigments (also known as MMO pigment) has been popular. Many countries, where the apparatus constant contact with the human body, can not paint lead paint coating, the U.S. government or any vehicle will be allowed to use the provisions of lead paint pigment coating; Some were electrical and electronic coloring masterbatch and engineering plastics, toys, products must also be lead-free paint. In this case, nickel titanium yellow (greenish yellow), Ti-Cr brown (red-phase yellow) as the traditional red, chrome yellow and molybdenum, the preferred substitutes.

    According to reports, although these pigments contain toxic metals that are considered, such as chromium, antimony, nickel, etc., but the product is the result of a high temperature above 1000 ℃ calcined formed, the formation of mixed phase oxides of inertia is high, the body's stomach acid simply can not dissolve, so that even into the gastrointestinal tract, but also harmless to human body; human contact, is safe, in line with food contact requirements and safety requirements for toys. In addition, compared to organic pigments, MMO pigment has excellent weather resistance and excellent heat resistance, light resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, hiding power, easy to spread, in all known pigments, including organic pigments, inorganic pigments, MMO pigment patience is the highest; because it is solid state production, coupled with raw material selection reasonable, so there is no waste gas, waste water, waste generation, environmentally friendly production process; has the characteristics of infrared reflectivity, combined with a very good weather resistance, UV, anti-aging, anti-infrared and thus suitable for environment-friendly use of thermal insulation coating, through infrared cooling heat reflective coating to achieve energy savings.

    The good news is also actively developing domestic environmental inorganic pigments, applied to the downstream industry, brought hope.

    January 16, the largest environment-friendly inorganic pigments color mixed phase projects - giant made of Hunan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. with an annual output 30,000 tons of inorganic carbon green color pigments mixed-phase project officially broke ground on new materials, a move that is made by the industry inorganic pigments lead-free ice-breaking move. Technology giant will soon send a formal launch of the international advanced level of MMO pigment A products, product performance to achieve even more than similar foreign products, but also a lot cheaper.
    Ouyang, according to the company's chairman Bradley introduced by the SGS testing these products in full compliance with EU RoHS standards, EN71-3 standard, the United States and Japan SONY ASTMF963 standard criteria, the same time, the FDA testing and 1000 hours is equivalent to aging 20 years experiment, can be applied to high performance requirements of environmental protection areas, such as food packaging, food containers, children's toys, tableware and so on.

    "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the state will be part of the regional implementation of the total amount of pollutants such as heavy metals characteristic control. Some experts told reporters, as the country's increasingly stringent environmental regulations on environmental protection and downstream areas of increased demand for inorganic pigments, "second five" during the development of environmentally friendly inorganic pigments, production and application will surely make greater progress.

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